the blessings of god

the blessings of god


Understanding the Godly way to the blessing of God. Haggai 2:9, Proverbs 11:11 The blessing of God will always travel in the direction of the righteous. When we mean Godly we mean to be like God, to function in the nature of God and it’s to function in his way. Genesis 1:28.


Walking in Love: is the most basic thing.

1. Give to God what belong to him:

(Proverbs 3:10), it means always separate a portion for God out of your substance. In your financial life let God be first in it. Your possession is secure and exploit when God portion is released and assured. Mathew 22:21, Mathew 6:33. What belong to God is tithe, what belong to Sizer is the Task. Genesis 14:19-20.


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Why Should you Pay your Tithe or give to God;

a. The practice of given deliver your enermy into your hands

b. When you give God what is due to God, what is left in yours become useful.


2. Be a blessing to your world:

Especially the less privilege. Genesis 12:2, if you are ready and willing to be a blessing you will never struggle to be blessed. Job 29:16-19. Until you are interested in people God can-never be interested in you. You must come to the point whereby your success is measured by the number of people who become successful through you. Investing in people is investing in your future. Success without a successor is endless.

Investing in people is the secret of the blessing. What you do for those who are lower than you will determine what the One who is higher than you will do to you. Invest in People. Proverb 19:17, given to the poir is lending unto God. Psalm 72:5. Success is not success until people are made to succeed from your Success. The purpose of riches is outreach. Teachers without outreach equal Wretchedness. Prosperity without generosity is calamity, you are not raised until someone is raised. Your multiplication happens from your released and distribution. What you do to those who is lower than you determine what the One who is higher than you will do with you. Loving and Giving to others is the nature of God. And the nature of God is the climate of the blessing. There is no future for any oppressor, you may have money today but will be morming tomorrow.

3. Be Good (Nice) to your employees and Labour Force:

Genesis 14:14. Don’t maltreat your employees, don’t withhold their wages when it is due it will hinder your blessings. People who work for you, people for serve you, don’t maltreat people who work for you, don’t speak wickedly to people who work for you. Don’t speak arrogantly or wickedly to the people who work for you. Roman 9:16, Deuteronomy 24:14-15. Leviticus 19:13, James 5:4 Don’t be an oppressor, there is nothing you said that is not God that made you. Your heart towards people affect your height in Life. the blessings of god

4. To not add to your resources what belong to another:

Genesis 14:21 – 23. What belongs to another person cannot increase you, it will only diminished you. Joshua 7-24-26. That divert the resources of another person into your own hand. Genesis 31:38-39. What God has not given to you by Favour, Energy, Strength, Work then it is nothing but a curse. Anybody resources you take to yourself does not increases you but reduces you and diminished you.

5. Be Faithful in another Man’s business, be faithful in another Man’s Interest:

Genesis 32:38 -42. Work for somebody as if you are working for yourself, take one another business as if it your own business. For what so ever a man sow is what shall he reap. Galatians 6:8. And the best of life answer from the best of Man. You can’t sow average and reap eminence. Whatsoever thou hand findeth to do, do it with all your heart. Ecclesiastes 9:10. Luke 16:11-12. Your Faithfulness in that which is another Man’s determines your access to the through riches of life. Genesis 39:5-6 Work somebody’s work as if it’s your work, give your best to work to your oga work, life is a seed. Proverb 28:20. How you carry someone own will determine how God will carry your own. Luke 16:12 . Your Faithfulness with that which is another mine determine your entrustment with that which is yours.

6. Avoid the way of Crookedness and Fraud:

Job 1:1- 3. Bear in mind that Crookedness today equals Wretchedness tomorrow. What God can’t give you, and you couldn’t get by your favor, Labour, then you don’t need it. What shall it profit a man when he gain the whole world and forfeit is life.

My Counsel:

If you want result that last, follow the Godly way of the blessings. Second if you want to succeed on Earth and make eternity in heaven then follow the Godly way of the blessings. Avoid dishonest, deceptive, untruthful transaction. What every you compromise to get you must compromise to keep and what you compromise to keep cannot last. Follow the Godly way of the blessings if you want to succeed on Earth and make eternity in heaven.


the blessings of god

the blessings of god

the blessings of god

the blessings of god


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