Relationship & Marital Wisdom

Wisdom for marital relationship

Applying God’s wisdom in your marriage as stated in His Word helps you to know how to speak positive and edifying words to your spouse and relate with your in-laws in genuine love. Wisdom is therefore, the principal thing in marriage. A wise woman will always know when and where to present matters before her husband.

  1. Trust the Lord to guide u into the right relationship,
  2. Marry someone who truly love and values you as a person
  3. Never marry anyone who is marrying your money, property and fame
  4. Be ready to love unconditionally and forgive continually
  5. Be committed to the fulfillment and satisfaction of your spouse
  6. Maintain trust at all cost
  7. Lubricate your relationship with Joy and merriment.
  8. Handle Misunderstanding Immediately. Genesis 2:24
  9. Avoid the involvement or over involvement of third party in a relationship. Third party involvement can happen once they is domestic violence of Killing in the relationship or marriage. Ephesians 4:27
  10. Remain committed in knowing your spouse and growing relationship. 2 Corinthians 10:12
  11. Stop comparing your wife or husband with all people. Eccl 9:10
  12. Trust God for a partner who truly loves God
  13. Marry someone who truly loves and value you
  14. Give Zero Allowance for any form of Abuse
  15. In Communication try to see things from the other person perspective.
  16. When misunderstandings are not handled immediately place is given to the devil.
  17. Maintain Friendliness with your spouse
  18. Factor quality time together to activate relationship bonding.
  19. Avoid Bringing up issues that has being handled in time past. Philippians 3:13
  20. Avoid believing in or trusting in orders more than you believe or trust your spouse. 1. Cor. 13:6-7), don’t do things that makes you a suspect, make yourself believable, and if people make u to distrust them give them another change to trust them, trust is earn by the correct action of others.
  21. Avoid actions or activities that build tension. Roman 14:9
  22. Avoid relationship that put your marriage under pressure. Proverbs 20:19, Proverbs 18:8
  23. And in all relationship let the foundation be pure. Hebrew 13:4, Psalm 11;3


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