blessing chantBlessing Chant - ZionBoy Ft Skie DOWNLOAD GOSPEL MUSIC + LYRICS

Highly-Talented gospel finest singers from the Nigeria known as Zionboy hit the studio with this marvellous tune captioned, Blessing Chant, as one of their 2023 songs to thrill the minds of their gospel music listeners who holds him at high esteem.
Blessing Chant is so exciting and refreshing as you listen to it, the famous Benue Born Nigeria singers and stage performers, Zionboy really performed well on this euphony, infusing some unique and genuine creativity in their vocal dexterity production with Skie. 

This is a soul-lifting worship session from the African, Nigeria Benue Gospel/Worshipper, Minister and Song Writer Zionboy”, as he calls this one “Blessing Chant”. This is sure to bless your heart and uplift your spirit. 

Producer: M&M by SMART RECORDS



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Lyrics for Blessing Chant 

Aye Aye Aye aye
Aye Amana
Aye Aye Aye aye
Aye Amana ×2…….1Sound Nation
“Yo yo your it’s Jesus Boi on the way,
So Ama Tell to the City
Ama Tell to the Hindi
Ama Tell it to Ma bearly
Be Telling about the Tell it”
…..Zionboy on Mic yhhh…….

VERSE: (Danzor Zionboy)
If I give you all mah Praise
it’ll never be Enough
Of Your goodness, mercies and grace
Cuz your wonders gimme vibes plenty


About the Artist:

It’s song that deliberates on our expression of Thanksgiving of all what God has done. This is a Chant for the blessings of God upon on our lives. The inspiration of this song came forth 2019 was first Sang 2021 and now it’s out for us all to enjoy

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