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 By: Pst. Dr Paul Enenche 1 King 10:24

Objective: is to understand scriptural or covenant wisdom for financial abundance. Ezekiel 28:1-5. Wisdom is a magnet of Wealth; understanding is a drag Wealth of abundance.

The success of financial successfulness to a child of God is quite different from the other way.

Clarification in Scripture:

  1. God owns the Earth and everything that is in it. Psalm 24:1; Psalm 50:10-12. 1 Chronicles 29:9-11
  2. God is pleased to give his resources to his people. Psalm 35:27, Genesis 13:2, Genesis 24:1 , Job 1:3 Job 1:1-2, Psalms 37:25-26 , 1 King 10:25. Genesis 41:41, Daniel 2:48-49
  3. God releases of give his resources to his people on the basis on covenant walk or wisdom. Deuteronomy 8:18, Job 36:11, Psalm 112:1-3, when a man feareath the lord wealth and riches will be in his house. Deuteronomy 28:1 – 12, Job 22:22-25.

His not against money serving you he is against you serving money.

His not against your using money he is against money using you.

Anybody can make money by;

  1. Hard Working/Favour
  2. Bowing down to devil
  3. Bowing down to God


  1. Place the love of God above the love of Money. 1 King 3:3-10, Psalm 27:4, 1 Chronicles 29:8-12
  2. Make kingdom vision your major reason for financial blessing. Psalm 122:9, 1 Chronicles 29:1, 1 Samuel 1:11. Anywhere God can place a demand he will make a deposit. Exodus 12:36, Exodus 36:6-7
  3. 3. Promptly obey the law of sowing and reaping. Genesis 8:22. Phil. 4:19, Zachariah 8:12, 2 Corinthians 9:7, John 6:9.
  4. Organise and order your resources and finances. Genesis 1:1-3.
  5. Maintain a record of income
  6. An orderly organized outflow

If you are careless with 1000 in 1000 times, you have lost it in 1million.

The business is yours but you must place yourself on salary, if you must handle anything it should be from your salary not your capital.

Order is the foundation for increase.

  1. Decrease your expenditure and increase your investment.

Avoid wasteful prodigal existence. The purpose of money is not expenditure it is for investment. When money comes it doesn’t come for you to spend or buy but to invest. It is the profit that came from the money you use not from the main money. Proverbs 22:20, Genesis 41:35-36 .

What you have today is meant to handle your tomorrow. If you handle it well today you won’t struggle tomorrow.

How do you invest:

Invest strategically, you don’t invest indiscriminately:  2 King 4:3


  1. The area of drastic need.
  2. The area of your potential.
  3. The area of your wisdom or expertise
  4. There are of your affection and passion ( what you love) 2 Chronicles 26:10.
  5. The area of your learning, training, Knowledge
  6. The area of divine direction and revelation
  7. Avoid the lifestyle of borrowing and indebtedness: Deuteronomy 15:6, Roman 13:8.

Pst. Dr. Paul Enenche

Two things you should know here;

  1. Borrowing is an anti-supernatural supply covenant practice that nullify the effect of other covenant practice.
  2. Borrowing is spending the money you don’t have, it is like attacking the harvest before it arrive.
  3. Ensure a demarcation between business money and the money that can be spend.

Genesis 47:23-24. Order is the foundation for increase. God blesses orders with increase. You delay gratification to maximize satisfaction tomorrow. People borrow the money they don’t have to impress the people they doesn’t like, so their upkeep become ______. Except your back status for now so you can establish a future for yourself.

  1. Employ diligence in business. Proverbs 10:4. To slack is to lack. Proverbs 22:29.
  2. Diligence is the way of eminence and abundance. .
  3. You must give to life what is takes before life give you all it entails. You need energy to fulfill Destiny. If you are lazy life can never be easy.
  4. Employ excellence: bring in your very best. 1 Samuel 16:18.

Don’t do shabby job. Do it at its best.

  1. Do what you know and know what you do: study all you can in your line of business or investment. Know what you do. 1 Kings 10:25. 1 King 19;27, 2 Chronicles 8:18, To be Knowledgeable is to be marketable, knowledge ability is marketability, it’s profitability.

Knowledge means know ___edge. Which means what you know give you an edge

  1. Uphold integrity: being faithful. Job 1:1-8
  2. Financial integrity: it is d platform for financial integrity
  3. Financial Crookedness: Only Jesus can take the crooked and make it straight. The “crooked” referred to here is the character and nature of man. It would signify all manners of deceit, corruption, guile, hypocrisy, and untruthfulness

Anything that is not yours by right doesn’t increase your life. It brings you loses.

Put investment ahead of enjoyment.

Nothing is glorious until someone is serious. Focus is the key to impact and speed in life. The road you follow today Determine your Destiny which you will end.

Your Labor of today lays a foundation for a better tomorrow for you. Quality brings prosperity.


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