By: Pst. Dr Paul Enenche 

biblical keys to a successful marriage


  1. Foundational truth about marriage
  2. Understanding relationship and marriages
  3. Unraveling the relationship and marital wisdom .

Marriage is such an important institution that deserves far more attention than what is currently given.

Why is marriage so important?

  1. Marriage is literally as old as the creation of man. It’s begun literally when man began.
  2. Marriage is so important that the relationship between Christ and the church is likening to the relationship between the man and his wife. Ephesians 5:23-24

It is so important that God is comparing the relationship between man and his wife to the relationship between Christ and the church. Whatever must be involved in must be very important.

  1. So important that it is found in the first book of the bible and the last book of the bible. Genesis 2:18 to Revelation 19:9. Marriage is so important even though the son of God did not need the seed of man to be born yet he had to come through a marriage setting.

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Luke 1:26-27.

  1. Marriage is so important that the first miracle Jesus performed in the whole world happened in a wedding occasion. John 2:1-11.

Foundational truth of marriage. (Truth that are Foundational to Marriage).

  1. God is the originator, initiator and founder of marriage. Genesis 2:18.
  2. Marriage was instituted so that the parties involved can received help, assistant and so call of the marriage partner’s.
  3. God caused the deep sleep to come on the man so that he God can be allowed to prepare was is best for the main without interference. Genesis 2:21.
  4. The woman was created from the rips taking from the chest of the man because he was created to be loved. The rip that was closed to the heart of the man. The rip is one of the structure that cover the lung and the heart, because he was created to be loved, to be care for, not created to be harassed, shouted upon or slap. Genesis 2:22.
  5. The devil is agitated about God’s plan and purpose for marriage, so he moves to antagonist the stability of the home. Genesis 2:24-25. Genesis 3:1. The moment marriage happen the devil (serpent appears) the moment marriage happen devil appears. The devil does not want the .arriage to work.
  6. Marriage was instituted for security and safety of the parties involved. (Jeremiah 31:22).
  7. The relationship between the man and his wife is like the relationship of bones and flesh with each other. (Genesis 2:23). That is why marital disagreement causes a lot of pains because you can’t tear flesh from flesh nor bone without pains.
  8. For marriage to be success there must be a living before cleaving (Genesis 2:24). Any man or women who allow family people to have so much influence in their home they don’t have a marital future. The only exception is that if your spouse abuses you that are when you can relate that to your family member.
  9. Mutual Openness is key to marital success. But when a man or woman open him or herself to you and you use it against him or her, it’s because in trustable for both party.
  10. The enemy target marital harmony and dignity between married couples. Anything that makes people happy the devil is angry with it. When God created man the devil did not move, when God created animal the devil did not move, but when God created woman and gave him a woman the serpent move. (Genesis 2:23). (Genesis 3:11-12). The devil is a saddest, he always wants you to be safe and that makes him happy. The devil fights beauty, dignity, harmony, decency.


  1. The release or the supply of companionship or company. Your wife is suppose to be your house maid, your wife or husband is suppose to be your companionship. If not the major purpose of the marriage is not fulfilled.
  2. It is for the achievement of fulfillment and satisfaction in life and in Destiny. (Ecclesiastes 2:9). Any marriage that the woman or man is not happy in the marriage it is the marriage without fulfillment.
  3. It is for the release and the multiplication of potentials. Where you bring out the best in the other person. (Ecclesiastes 4:9). Any husband who is shocking the grace and ability of his wife or husband is mismanagement.
  4. The release of the Godly seed in the earth, for the population of the earth with kingdom seed. (Malachi 2:14-15). He want you to produce children that transmit God and good principle to the next generation.
  5. Trust God for a partner who truly loves and fears God authentically. Because every authentic child of God, must be a good wife or woman (2Cor 6:16). The way a person dress cannot confirm to you truly if he or she loves God, you need the mercy of God to get a good spouse for yourself.
  6. Decide to marry someone you can listen to and submit to; someone you respect enough to value their counsel. (Ephesians 5:21). Anybody you don’t willing to counsel enough why do you want to marry the person then. (Ephesians 2:21-25).
  7. Marry someone who truly loves your family and love once. (Ruth 1:16).
  8. Allow Zero tolerance for every form of abused. Zero Allowance for every form of abuse. (Mathew 7:12).
  9. In communication try to see things from the other person perspective. Try to understand before seeking to be understood. (James 1:19).
  10. Be friendly; maintain friendliness with your spouse. Avoid over officialness. Lubricate your relationship with friendliness.

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  1. Trust the Lord to guide you into the right relationship; (Proverb 3:5-6).
  2. God is the originator of marriage; if the marriage must have a future then God must ordinate it.
  3. God knows the future more than you know the present.
  4. God knows the content of every human being beyond their container. Inside some good looking people are dangerous lions. Many people just look at the surface, look at the container and choose wrongly.
  5. Marry someone who truly loves and values you as a person. (Genesis 24:67) look at the story of Isaac and Rebecca. Don’t manage this. If he doesn’t value you today, it won’t improve tomorrow. If he or she doesn’t value you, it can only depreciate.
  6. Never marry anyone who is marrying your money, property or your influence or position. And this area only God can make you to know this. Marry someone who loves you for you.
  7. Be ready to love unconditionally and forgive continually. (Mathew 6:15). And just one exception to this, when the woman or man practically want to kill you. It is better without a marriage than to die because of marriage.
  8. Be committed to the fulfillment and satisfaction of your spouse, not just in your satisfaction. (Mathew 7:12). When you are interested in wanting you wife or husband attention then you must be interested in his or her own too. Satisfaction and fulfillment must be mutual.

Major issues in marriage.

  1. Money
  2. Power or influence
  3. Intimacy.
  4. Maintain trust at every cost; (Proverbs 18:124) let your husband or wife will be able to trust you with information and their life.

Things that can happen to affect trust;

  1. When a husband or wife give you his or her confidential and hearing it from your friends I’d an attack to trust.
  2. When a quarrel happen between you and your wife or husband and your begin to use what he told you against him or her.

Trust is the strength of relationship. When trust is gone relationship is dead.

  1. Lubricate your relationship with Joy and Merriment. (Proverbs 17:22).

If your best friend is not your spouse then something is wrong somewhere. Atmosphere must be created for trust, for friendliness.

  1. Find quality time together to activate relationship bonding. Quality time is bonding time. (Genesis 26:8).

What do you spend the time during?

Anything that is of mutual interest.

  1. Praying
  2. Studying
  3. Discussion

On order of importance, faith is first, your family is second.

This is my Counsel: if you are tired with anybody child hand them over to their parent. And if there don’t want to hand you over, hand yourself over.


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