Godly Character

Objective: To understand how Godly character preserves lives.

1 Peter 3:13

You are not in the way of harm if you are on the part of good and not of evil. Job 22:30. Innocents Brings Deliverance. Where conscious is clear deliverance is sure. Daniel 6:22. Psalm 125:1 – 5.
Righteousness is a frustrations to the agenda of the wicked. Isaiah 33:15-16.

Righteousness position people in the realm that is beyond the reach of harm.
Isaiah 54:17.

Those who are established in righteousness can never be destroyed by wickedness.
Godly Character preserve but ungodly character destroy. Esther 4:16. Daniel 3:16. If you refuse to bow to devil you are not permitted to be burn by his fire. Daniel 6:20-22. Joshua 7:24. 2King 5:26-27. Judges 16:18-29. Zachariah 3:2. 2 Samuel 1:13-16.


1. it impacts and releases in us the nature of God. And the Nature of God is indestructible. 2 Peter 1:3-4. John 10:10.
2. Godly Character position us in the presence of God and the presence of God is inaccessible by the devil. Isaiah 33:14-17. Psalm 91:1-2.
3. Godly Character impact upon us the boldness of faith, and faith chills against the arrows of wickedness. Proverb 28:1, Ephesians 6:16.

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The council today:

1. Avoid the lifestyle of unrighteousness. Proverb 28:1.
2. Continuously receive forgiveness from unrighteousness. 1 John 1:7-9.
3. Maintain a conscious that is void of offence towards God and towards men.
4. Maintain good will towards others. Determine to wish people well. Life is a seed. Mathew 7:12.
Goodwill is stronger than witchcraft. Job 42:10.
5. Avoid the Climate of Strive and Envy: Job 5:2 , James 3:16. Don’t let ungodly competition be a motivate you. Don’t let people push you to do what you are not ready for, take your time and at your pace. Don’t let any ungodly inter-family competition push you to do anything in life. Genesis 13:5.
Avoid the heart of bitterness and forgiveness.
Hebrew 12:15. 2 King 2:5-10.
7. Avoid the lifestyle of Falsehood and Crookedness. Psalm 101 : 7, Proverbs 28:20, the making of God will make your bigger than your contemporary.



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