how to make a girl think about you
1. Ladies actually dress to impress the men and to oppress their fellow ladies. Yes, a girl would spend all her savings to make sure she makes the other girl jealous and envious of her.
2 Ladies are more secretive than men: Bro, you’d never catch a girl cheating or lying except she wants you to. Their brain is more calculating while plotting out an act.
3.S3x isn’t the only thing a lady can offer you, she’s the one who chooses to offer you only her body. A lady can build you or destroy you.
4.If you fall in love with a Kogi lady, don’t cheat on her, she will arrange boys for you.
5.When a girl genuinely loves you, bro trust me, no force in the universe can make her change her mind. You might be toxic, pushing her away, treating her badly but as long as her heart has decided to be with you, nothing can change that. She will always keep coming even when she knows you’re not good enough for her and this is one reason I hardly advise a lady in love, experience teaches her.
6. The best time to ask a lady a question and she tells you the truth is during doggy style or while she’s riding you. Then, all her emotions are high, she’s happy, she’s feeling you and confession comes during this session. Lol, how can my name be Stephen and instead of moaning my name you’re moaning Ernest? Babe, there’s something you aren’t telling me.
7.When you break up with a lady, date someone who is better than her, either financially or facially because she will keep taunting you for leaving her to someone that look like weapon formed against you and making you feel low of your self.
8. Only a lady knows the father of her child.
9. Avoid girls who twerk on social media and shows their body, they have been heartbroken in the past and trust me, you don’t want to be her victim. She don too see shege for Kelvin hand.
10. Avoid ladies that use studio pic as DP for 3 years, Vera Msendoo Gabriel . they hardly let go of things easily…

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8 things to make your relationship sweet..

1.Cook together while gisting together and sneaking small kisses here and there. It’s not by waiting for food and crying for food when it’s not ready.
2.Serve your partner breakfast in bed once in a while. Not when you do tea finish, you leave it in a jug and call your bf/gf to bring cup.
3.Play like children once in a while, stop behaving as if the hardship of the country is the cause of your relationship being dry.
4.Stare at your partner with bedroom eyes to make them feel wanted. Not when you want to do the do, you’ll quietly start touching leg little by little.
5.If you’re a religious couple, pray together, pray for one another.
6.Give your partners random hugs from behind or in front. Behind hugs for guys to give their girls and front hugs from girls.
7.Take your partners as your best friend because sometimes, you don’t have to act like people in a relationship. Just two crazy friends.
8.Please, try and have s3x somewhere away from your bed. Try the shower, table, anywhere from the bed. I’m sure the bed would complain if it could talk.
If you’re single and reading this, sorry, I don’t think there’s a guide for you…
By Labija Theophilus


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