Inspirational Content on Social Media
by: Labijah Theophilus 
1.  I hope I can leave a good memory before leaving this life…???
I hope one day someone will say he was the reason I didn’t give up…?
I hope one day someone will say he has a kind heart…?
I hope I can be the reason for someone’s smile…?
I know that some people might not love me…?
I know that I can’t be sweet all the time…?
But it’s my goal to be gentle with people’s hearts…??
It’s my goal to be the light in everyone’s darkness…?
It’s my goal that someone will be happy that I exist…?
I hope someone can say something good about you not just me. ❤
I hope I can be a good memory in your life…
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2. Inspirational Content on Social Media : Growing up my grandma use to say one prayer, she goes by saying “Since I never wish anyone bad, God please ?? vindicate me “
The reality is you don’t need to wish anyone bad before they wish you bad, you might just find yourself in the midst of people with malevolent display ? of character and that’s why in Africa ?? some people ?‍?‍? fortify themselves spiritually.
You can’t blame anyone though, that is what they believe in. In Africa ?? a man ?? can kill a whole generation because of a plot of land and he will never build/do anything on that land till he dies ⚰. We find ourselves in this part of the world ? where people ?‍?‍? hatred for you because of your growth and money ?. Some are ready to ruin your love ❤️ story, source of income ? /ambition, they want you to be on the same level ? with them or never grow pass them.
If you have them around you start noticing them. Mine is to tell you that….
Henceforth, travel and tell no one, live a true love ❤️ story and tell no one, when you receive ? that your alert just look at it and smile ? and tell no one because you wished no one bad doesn’t mean no one ever wishes you bad… The prayer is that God should vindicate us… I’m sure some families in Africa ?? can explain better and that’s why they are private because that’s what it requires.. Everything is not SPIRITUAL but sometimes that particular things requires you to keep it private….
Thank you.
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3. Inspirational Content on Social Media : It has become a common prodigy that people say that if you want to know how faithful God and his grace upon your life, there are certain places you should visit, some will suggest the cemetery, prison yards or hospital but I will like you all to agree with me that the mortuary /MORGUE IS ALSO ONE OF THOSE PLACES TOO..
If you had the opportunity of been to a morgue, you would agree with me that its a place of mystery, sadness and grief and it’s also a place where you could ignite your spirit with a thankful hope… “We are best looking good when we’re alive”..
Few months ago, we took a late family member to the state general hospital morgue. As soon as l got to the iron door, silence welcome me as I made an entrance.. There were so much to see at that instance
Even the dead that were placed at distance,
The dead were quiet, calm and they we’re all looking Ugly. I’m sure they notice I was the only stranger in their midst, I saw the fat, slim, tall, and short. I even saw some that their legs were disfigured, they all differs in sizes and gender but they all have one thing in common they were all UGLY
The first instance I saw a woman, her buttocks depreciating in a way I don’t even know how to explain, right hand side was a lady and her breast was standing more like a terracotta nipple with patches distinguishing marks all over her body..
In that same morgue, there was once the most beautiful girl, most handsome guy/men but with what they all had in common you never tell who was once beautiful or handsome. And for those who think they’re prettier and calling others ugly its sad to say this but we will get ugly someday..
We all are best looking good when we’re alive. So before it gets ugly, share beautiful moments with people that really worth it.
Before it gets ugly, live your life to the fullest because that is also beautiful too…
Before it gets ugly, Do, achieve and live with that body. Make somebody smile because that’s also beautiful….
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4. Social media is just too perfect. Everything moves in accordance . Perfecto. The same people you meet on the streets are those behind many profiles; the suit on their DP’s is just make-up.

Don’t share nudes” “don’t have sex” trend for some three days. Everybody claims to be a saint till the next receipt is being dropped and a random fellow is being dragged and the cycle repeats. So who are those having s3x since everybody claims to be so pure? Na who de catch for pot be thief.
“Don’t fyck with teenagers” “once she isn’t 18, you have no right asking for sex”. On Facebook it’s a movement, offline some of your friends pimps secondary school girls cos he finds highest pleasure in their naivety. He wants teens he can control and whore around. He tells you he enjoys them cos they have pin holes and it hold his hmmm well, you laugh it off, while he orders another bottle of beer for you and telling you how jennifer in SS2 knows how to ride with her pink cunt.
“I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in God” “Earth started from big bang”. Offline you haven’t stepped foot in your village since when you were five. Since your father died, you became more afraid of your village-people and have decided to run from your father’s house. Yet everyday you de claim atheist for Facebook. But juju de fear you.
“Fraud is a sin” “why should you do ritual” “our girls should stop pushing men into scams by subduing them with pressure”
Offline you are disrespecting your brother cos he haven’t found a job since he graduated. Your boyfriend is a yahoo boy, you even help him source for tools. You are 20 and the only broke boy you have ever dated was your high school lover(ex). Your Bio is–“If you no get money, no crush on me. Close your eye if I enter am”. You are the problem. But instead you chose to deceive the gullible on how saintly you are.
You see, The hypocrisy. That’s All I see. When you shout online maintain the same energy when you see your niggas that goes astray offline. Shun that pimp. Judge the scammer. Be true to your words. And don’t be two faced. Hot online, cold offline.
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5. High Life
1. “Sleep is for the weak”
2. “Life na selfie, if anybody no gree snap you, snap yourself make you sexy”
3. “God over everything, steady confirmation.”
4. “Congratulations go reach everybody. If God bless you, no loseguard your blood.”
5. “I owe it all to my God and my momma.”
6. “Person wey dey manage with you fit buy your papa house. Humble yourself.”
7. “Respect who get but fear who never collect.”
8. “No joy for street, all man for himself.”
9. “Na who stay awake dey collect.”
10. “Rain wey beat us today go wash our benze tomorrow.”
11. “Ulcer Don kill patient dog, alaye wake up.”
12. “Battery wey full go still low and battery wey low go still full. Our prayer be say Make our charger no spoil.”
13. “When they say hustle is hard, it’s not by strength o because you would be shocked that Dangote no fit lift one cement.”
14. “Coz say I no be car owner today no mean say I no go be car dealer tomorrow.”
15. “We dey On God coz 2 minutes everywhere go burst.”
16. “Nights will pay off, fear guys wey never collect.”
17. “Who sweep wey no pack, go sweep again when breeze blow.”

18. “Your Indomie quick done no mean say who dey cook beans dry lazy. Las Las,

congratulations go reach everybody.”
19. “Fear who never collect coz life is a general market. Anybody fit pick 2.”
20. “No be who chop first first belle full, all man get their time.”
21. “No look down on any man cause say you get today, tomorrow you fit dey answer sir to them”
22. “Baba God, bless our hustles today, make winch no carry our clients go away”
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6.   1. If You Are Looking For Wealth, Somebody Is Looking For Health.
2. If You Are Looking For Health, Somebody Just Died.
3. If You are Looking For Power, Somebody Has Acquired And Used it And Is Now Powerless.
4. Each Time You Drive A Fancy Car, Somebody, Somewhere Is Dying In A Car Crash.
5. Each Time a New Mansion Springs From The Earth, A New Grave is Dug Below The Earth.
6. Each Time You Throw Away A Morsel, Somewhere, Somebody is Searching For a Morsel To Survive.
7. Each Time You Throw Food Into Dustbin, Someone Is Looking For Remnant To Eat.
8. Each Time You Ask God To Promote or Change Your Present Situation, Someone Is Praying to Get To Your Present Situation.
9. For Each Smile On The Planet, There’s a Drop Of Tear In Another Place On The Planet.
10. For Each Celebration Of Childbirth, There Are Tears of Burial.
11. Each Time You Urinate Or Drink Water, Remember Someone Is Using Pipe For The Same Purpose.
Always Be Thankful
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7.  I visited my close guy yesterday at his shop and he showed me the girl he want to get married to . I stared at her and weighed her features in line with my guy taste and she was beautiful and petite and has the rightful flesh for a petite girl but….
I smirked and told my guy– “how far, she doesn’t have a big ass. You no de look for big ass again?”. He laughed it off and bluffed — “Las las na who go give man peace ,man de find, unless it’s for a fling”.
That reminds me of what someone said no girl goes behind the knife just to stick to one guy.
That brings me to my guy and his partner. Just like my guy as we grow we notice that some youthful exuberance and unrealistic desires we have of women begins to fade for realistic ideas that tallies with our dream, future and life prospect(s). A man who hasn’t had a slim girl as a girlfriend all his life would end up marrying one cos he wants to settle down. We have seen it happen even on this blue space.
Instead of Judging first by physique or any other inconsequential attributes we first of all look for things that matters– behaviour, ideology, acumen, religious-views, career prospers, societal beliefs and ecetera.
In a nutshell, a young man who wants to go far in life should avoid women, but if you can’t make sure the woman you stick by has the same ideology with you. You shouldn’t spend your whole time in pubs, and end up not discussing things that matters. The push and the pull you have depends on her no matter how much you want to ignore. Unless you’re a yahoo Boy don’t date a girl who lives and dwells for the gram. She could do anything to keep that image.
For my guy -I don’t know the details of their partnership, but she started it as a side hustle mainly as a hair dresser , my guy gave it the wings needed to fly and together they birthed Budget .
Nice couple birthing their way to the top…
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8.  Two friends had a dream of starting up a big company. One is from a rich family with deep connections, the other from a ‘Hand-to-Mouth family’ they have to hustle even for the basic things. All he had was a dream. The other, immediately was funded from his family treasury and he his doing well.

The latter, has to work his ass out, save up before thinking of building his dreams . He Polly has to find a job, sustain himself before investing on his dreams.
What the two had in common is Dreams, but one had a support system which stems privileges, the other one had nothing but ideas but no privileges to lie upon. This isn’t about hard work. Honestly both are hard working.
Yes, both can achieve their dreams. Time. And difference in time is what it would take. One has to work for money before he makes money work for him, the other is already been provided with money and just have to make it work for him.
You get the gist right?
I have guys in my school that have shops, Bitcoin gees and some motorcyclists.. some from family treasury. Are these the people you want me to have HBP for, just because you feel I am not doing enough.
Please let people breathe and grow in their pace. We all have dreams and all you can do is support it if you can. Like someone would always say “it gives me joy when I use my influence to help people”..Naso life suppose be! Life no be competition. The only comparison is between me today and me tomorrow, cos an unexamined life cannot grow and growth brings success.
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9. Some years back , I traveled to kogi to see an uncle of mine . He has been sick for months and i never had chanced to visit him even after giving me countless calls. This my uncle has been a helper to me in times of needs .

On a Sunday morning, I arrived ankpa and the news of his death spread like a wild fire around Ankpa. He was a very popular man .
When I got to his house, everyone was in tears. His wife saw me and embraced me so tight like a lost son.
” He was a good husband” she cried out on my shoulder. All I did, was to solace her . I stayed with them for about three years before I moved to abuja then . I knew his wife as a church goer . A woman with strong Faith .
The day of his burial , plenty people came and were testifying the good and kinds he has render to them while he was alive .
The pastor also spoke on all the good things he has done for the church. Everyone was speaking good of him. No one spoke the bad things he has done. Where I was, I cried so bitterly .
My uncle I knew was not a God fearing man. The uncle I knew fully well was a womanizer . He became my giver then because he knew I know what he does secretly.
If making heaven would be based on the kindness one has render to people, I am very sure my uncle will make heaven.
I believe that everyone knows where he or she is going to when death visit . You may have done all the goodies people may see in the world , but only you knows where you belongs to when you die .
It’s better to have a bad name fully knowing deep inside you that you are clean and make heaven, than having a good name fully knowing you have lived a fake life while on Earth and go to hell.
Live a truthfully life . Always live like today is the last day for you to live on Earth . Death is a meal that everyone must eat .E go reach everyone
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10.  One day a young lady was driving along with her father.They came upon a storm, and the young lady asked her father, What should I do?”He said “keep driving”.

Cars began to pull over to the side, the storm was getting worse. “What should I do.” The young lady asked? “Keep driving,” her father replied. On up a few feet, she noticed that eighteen wheelers were also pulling over.She told her dad,
“I must pull over, I can barely see ahead. It is terrible, and everyone is pulling over!” Her father told her, “Don’t give up, just keep driving!” Now the storm was terrible, but she never stopped driving, and soon she could see a little more clearly. After a couple of miles she was again on dry land, and the sun came out. Her father said, “Now you can pull over and get out.” She said “But why now?” He said “When you get out,look back at all the people that gave up and are still in the storm, because you never gave up your storm is now over.
This is a testimony for anyone who is going through “hard times”. Just because everyone else,even the strongest, gives up. You don’t have to…if you keep going,
soon your storm will be over and the sun will shine upon your face again, know
that God is always by ur side to make u prosper.
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11. #GUYS

If you’re seeing this post and you’re 21 years old and above , I have news for you… Your pen-is ? have stopped growing. You’ve come to the end of the road..
I’m saying this because some of you are in the DM of those selling pen-is ? extension pill or agbo, You know them…
And you’re looking for way to grow your pen-is in 3 days add 7Inches to 10 inches,
Ernest Let me just tell you those things will not work, there’s no medically or herbal way to elongate your hmm hmm.. But you’ve bought it and can not come out and drag them out saying I’m lying or it works because publicly you’re telling us your hmm is not hmm… Some of those drugs you’re buying are causing damage to your kidney. Ernest what’s the content of it you don’t know and you’re drinking it like water..
My brother so that you will not carry two problems, that size that you have use it like that. Learn the skill of using it like that, if you want to learn more skills… They say practice make perfect ?
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12.  In my class, up to 80% of us didn’t apply for the course. That we are there is as a result of “what you ordered vs what you got”. From dream course to reality one that JOSTUM had pity on you and gave you. Very big thanks to our jamb score that looked like bet9ja odd.

On the day of our orientation, they told us that “we can work anywhere” with our degree. We all smiled in mischief cause we already knew that we have missed road and will surely be misled even further.
Funny thing is that we all thought the course will be easy until we started meeting calculations upon calculations (FPP calculations) . Everybody was frightened. Most of us that has block head for calculations always pass those courses via ‘On God’ or ‘If you know you know’.
The thing even got me annoyed one day that I had to think deep of what I’m going to do with the degree when I finally graduates. Of course, “you can work anywhere” was the only thought coming through, this got me angrier that I had to meet our staff adviser in his office to ask him, “please prof, where exactly can I work with a degree in this course?”
Of course, you should know his reply by now, “anywhere”
But since this strike, I’ve thought even deeper, yet, nothing to show for it, and because of that, I’ve made up my mind that once school resumes, I’m going back to his office to ask him again, “please prof, apart from anywhere, where else can I work with a degree in this course?”
Omo ehh, in this country Nigeria, you can work anywhere is a good reason for you to go and learn a skill and rewrite jamb ooh.
That’s how they told this lady that she can work anywhere with a degree in nutrition and dietetics (FST) , now na fruit salad she dey sell to us here every night. ???
I will play you the remaining tape ? when I enter labour market ?
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13. My neighbor and I quarreled yesterday morning while I was washing my clothes in the compound. It was a quarrel about the water which rolled over to his doorstep.

He left very early in the morning after the quarrel. The anger I felt made me swear not to talk to him for several days.
Well, I dried my clothes and also left for work that morning. At around 10am, when the weather became gloomy and the sky became cloudy, I took permission from my boss to return home so I could check the clothes I had washed and dried. I got home and discovered my neighbor also had his clothes hung on the robes. His clothes were completely dried. He had washed last night and probably forgotten to pack them this morning.
Hence none of mine was dried, I simply packed his clothes to my room and left for work.
I returned in the evening after the heavy downpour to find the robes empty and my clothes gone. I asked some of the neighbors who were at home and everyone told me they had not seen my clothes.
So I went back into my room.
Later in the evening when my neighbor had returned, he knocked on my door and handed me my clothes. They were all dried and well folded. I thanked him and just as he was about to go, I handed him his dried clothes too.
He was excited.
“Bro thank you. I didn’t know you packed them. I thought the rain was going to wet them again. You just saved me. I am to wear this one for a program tomorrow.” He said.
I smiled.
He apologized for overreacting in the morning, and I also apologized for letting the soapy water roll down the front of his door. He said it was fine and we both shook hands before he left for his room.
When you keep your differences aside and do what you know is right, you make peace with yourself and with others too.
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14.  Only life knows how to deal with fate and circumstances .

The ball is in your court to treat people with courtesy ,kindness and empathy.
The person you’re feeding today , might feed your children tomorrow.
Life takes a go at people unexpectedly .
You are offered admission at a sitting doesn’t make you more or less than those struggling to gain admission for more that three years now .
I’ve seen wealthy people go Bankrupt and the once poor skyrocketed to the top .
Your unkind words or actions may affect someone severely thereby leaving indelible memories about you with them.
The people you meet today might have to decide whatever you become tomorrow.
Empathy shows you’re humane .
Respect even a child , be mindful of the things you say to them ; a child’s mind is like a plain slate , whatever impression you print on it may not erase .
Life doesn’t treat everyone equally , do the maths and add some to your neighbour who has nothing .
Sympathize with wailing soul .
Encourage the weary .
Praise whoever does well .
Console the heartbroken
Support the weak.
Enjoy today wisely , we don’t know what life has in stall for tomorrow
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1. Be quick to apologise.
2. Be quick to forgive.
3. Always speak out your mind in love and express how you feel.
4. Be very slow to anger and to conclude things, especially when you don’t have proof, don’t say words you don’t mean in the heat of the moment to hurt your partner.
5. If an action of yours hurts your partner don’t make excuses for them, and stop doing it and apologise instantly to your spouse.
6. Give your partner s3x. It is necessary.
7. If there’s anything you don’t like about your partner kindly discus and correct him/her in a loving and respectful manner.
8. Learn to love your partner’s family members. Even if they don’t love you, show them love for the sake of your partner.
9. Always be clean and neat so you will be attractive to your partner. Dirtiness kills sexual urge.
10. Care for each other, it is necessary. Buying your partner gifts should not be one sided.
Note. Don’t Spoil Your Genuine Love Relationship With Your Hand Because Genuine Love Is Hard To Get From Genuine Person, So Be Wise.
it’s Thursday Morning ? do have a wonderful day ? ahead
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16. Dear Ladies!

Please If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship with a guy that loves you,
A guy that is simple, a matured guy who always have plan for marriage, who makes sure he gives you advises and guide you on how to go with life, a guy who have future with you.
A guy who always scolds you when you are wrong,
A guy who makes you smile whenever you face challenges.
He is the real man my sister. Please, appreciate him because some guys of nowadays only care about your body, They will get you big phones and drive you round in a Car, you will think it’s love.
But dear listen, Just because he doesn’t have money now doesn’t mean everything won’t be better for him. .
You want to dump him for a ready made guy with an iPhone, house and car without minding if he has 10 girlfriends, without minding how he gets the wealth, without minding how he spends his life, without minding his religious aspects of life, without minding how he treats women, without minding his background.
My dear, don’t do what you’ll regret later. Not all that glitters are gold.
If Eventually you marry them because of their luxurious lifestyle, you may end up regretting your marriage.
Good matured guys are rare.
Appreciate the one you have. Appreciate his efforts.
Any Amount he gives you,Please manage it.
Don’t compare him to anyone else and God will bless the both of you forever.
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17. (1) Do not pray for an easy life.?Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one?

(2) Life will give you exactly what you need, not what you want.??
(3) Never tell your problems to anyone. 20% don’t care? and the other 80% are glad you have them.
(4) Travel ✈️{ as much as you can, as far as you can, as long as you can. Life is not meant to be lived in just one place.??
(5) Don’t feel guilty for doing whats best for you.??
(6)You don’t have to impress real FRIENDS. The impression has already been made, that’s why you’re friends.
(7)Walk away?? from anything that gives you bad vibes. There is no need to explain or make sense of it. It’s your life. Do what makes you happys☺️☺️☺️
(? Be in love? with your life. Every minute of it.
(9) Do not listen ?with the intent to reply, but with the intent to understand.??
(10) Go for someone who is not only proud to have you but will also take every risk just to be with you???
(11) Everyone has three lives; a public life, a private life, and a secret life.??
(12) don’t allowed pride to take control over ur life? 4 pride has lead many people to their early graveyard⚰️ & also know that God bless the humble in heart and not the proud ones??
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18.  I was so angry, that I left home, swearing not to return, till I became a big guy, my Parents who can’t even buy me a Bike, have no rights to dream to make me an engineer.

In my fit of anger, I didn’t even realise that I was wearing my father’s Shoe i even stole his wallet, which had some papers, torn as well, which my mother hadn’t seen…
While, I was rushing on foot towards the bus station, I realised some prickly pain in my foot , i also felt dampness inside the shoe.
That is when I realised the shoe had a hole underneath. There were no buses around , not knowing what to do, I started to look in my Dad’s wallet.
I found a loan receipt of N100,000, which he had taken from his office. A laptop bill (he had bought for me). To my utter shock, i also found a letter from his manager to wear a neat looking shoes, henceforth to the office.
I remembered my mother pestering him to buy a pair of new shoes, but he would convince her that it would last another eight months at least. I also found an old scooter to a new bike, Exchange offer letter in his wallet instantly remembered, that when I left home, my dad’s scooter was not there.
I started feeling weak in my legs, and felt like weeping uncontrollably!.I ran back home with my foot paining, only to find
my Dad nor the scooter there. I found him at the exchange offer place. Looking at my Dad, my grief engulfed me.
I hugged him tightly and i started crying loudly, crying like a baby cause I really felt his hustle. I turned to him and i said ” Dad I don’t need the Bike anymore “.
That is when I realised the pains and hardship our parents passed through to see us stand unshakable to our feet and the unconditional love they give us, they can sacrifice all they have to make us live ..
We should only look to seek our needs and not our unrealistic wants. Ridiculing parents when they are alive, and longing for them when they are not around, has no meaning..
Kindly tell this story to your children to help them identify and develop human values in them.
Whoever and whatever you are today, if your parent are still alive, please appreciate them for it is commandment from God.
You can never tell all that they have been through to see you alive today!
I value parents!
May God bless all parents.
Have a blessed day
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19. I dislike it with passion when I hear guys saying girls love money.???

For sure, no human being hates money, but the rate at which guys accuse girls of loving money is alarming.
The reason why you think girls love money is because you keep meeting a girl that don’t love you.??
What do you expect when you go extra miles to show a girl that don’t feel anything for you that you are capable?
Bro let me tell you, a girl who truly loves you, is like a sister.
She sees you as a brother, you become even more special than her brother.
The truth is, no girl loves to see her brother spending carelessly.
Let me ask you this question, do you know a girl that truly loves you even feels shy to ask you for money???
She only does that when she is trapped, and she will be like, please borrow me…
If you are in a relationship with a girl that doesn’t feel anything for you, she asks you whatever she wants, even when she is not too in need of it.
After all, she will walk?‍♀️ away when you fail to provide it.
She won’t loss anything, because she don’t feel anything for you.??
A girl who loves you, fears you will get hurt when she asks you for something??.
A girl who loves you so much will not like to see you spending carelessly??
When you give her something, she appreciates it, no matter how small it is..
But a girl that don’t feel anything for you, always sees it as a right to collect from you.
Bro, stop telling us that girls like money…
It is you that keep following the wrong people.??
When you find true love, you will understand that the heart of a woman is special…
Do you think girls that ask for subs don’t have boyfriends?
They do, some even collect from you and send to that special person they love..
Stop being a fool and change your mentality towards women.
True love still exists, it’s just for you to find it..
Let love ? lead.

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20.  *??? ??????? ?? ??????…*

*Don’t love deeply until you’re sure that the other person loves you with the same depth.*
*Because the Depth of your Love today is the Depth of your Wound Tomorrow*.
*The purpose of dating is to find someone you can spend the rest of your life with, that’s it…*
Having Known The Purpose Of Dating, What Kind Of Person Should You Date??
√ Date someone who Understands you even in the Madness..
√ Be in Love with someone who takes your Happiness as his/her Priority..such person will never hurt you..
√ Date someone who wants you; with such person you won’t beg for attention..
√ Date your Friend, who supports you and who Believe in your Vision.
√ Be with someone who is ready for Marriage not Wedding.
√ Date a matured mind not matured body..
√ Date someone who will see your Strength in your Weakness…
√ Be with someone who is Proud to have you and Love to show It…
√ Date someone that values Communication, not overlooking Compatibility and Care…
Love with Purpose..
Without purpose love Affairs becomes a Mockery to the Heart..
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When you love someone, you will always see them no matter how crowded your field of vision. When you love someone, you will always hear them no matter how many other voices are speaking in your head. Their widespread palm against your chest will always suffice to calm you, no matter how fierce your anger. And when they say, ‘Please…’, no matter how much your mind was made up, in that moment you will re-consider. Even if only to say ‘No’ again to what they are asking, but in that moment their plea will make you soften. For the heart to the one it loves is like the river to the sea. It is natural to follow. To come when called, to stay when asked, to give when help is needed. To comfort when hurting. To forgive when wronged. To give when help is needed.

21.  I was about to leave for work this morning when the woman God gave me playfully asked me to kneel beside the bed and shut my eyes.

I thought she was about to pull up a surprise or play a prank on me but what she did was entirely different from what I expected.
I smiled and went on my kneels.
As I shut my eyes, the next thing I felt was her right hand on my head and her other hand on my right shoulder.
“Babe what’s going on?” I asked.
She told me that she was going to pray for me that morning before I leave for work. Though this is not the first time she prays for me but i wasn’t expecting it this way because she has never asked me to go on my kneels to receive blessings from her before.
I guess some of you are already thinking ‘what sort of woman asks her husband to go on his kneels and shut his eyes?’ Sounds disrespectful right?
But here is the thing, the both of us do a lot of sílly things together.
Sometimes we talk to each other like siblings,
Joke like kids,
Argue as besties,
Sometimes we play and act as hommies.
Agree as adults.
As she prayed, tears filled my eyes and rolled down my face.
There’s nothing as fulfilling as your partner praying for you every morning before you leave for your daily endeavors.
You know that feeling when he/she places their hand on your chest, head or shoulder and make decelerations upon your life.
Those words of declaration seems little, but they do BIG.
That feeling when your wife/husband speak words of favor and protection over your life in your daily endeavors and finding balance in every step of your way. Saying no word or weapon formed against you shall ever prosper. Speaking abundance right onto the inside of you.
The feeling is heavenly. I wish you understand the way I feel this morning.
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