Staphanie-powerful christian messages

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Why is everyone asking “where are the ladies who are supposed to be on fire for God in our generation..”?staphanie powerful christian messages
Why asking? staphanie powerful christian messages
Seriously? staphanie powerful christian messages
That question is funny because the Kathrine Kuhlmann of your time that you are looking for is right there beside you.
She is right there in your house, she is in your compound, in your department, she is in your family, stop searching for her.
She came to earth with the full package to represent her generation but along the line, she learned that her mother married a drunken unbeliever in the name of love and Six packs, so he sats them up daily and never revealed the fatherly dimension of God to her because he cannot offer what he doesn’t have.staphanie powerful christian messages
Her mother who used to be a ‘firely’ sister while growing up, has become a shadow of herself.
Today she has so many problems in and around her life for her to even think of praying.
in her opinion, God has failed her and she has failed God.

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The Kathryn Kuhlman you are looking for is in your department.
She came to school innocent and soft but along the line, she met high-class babes who told her that she has to up her game.
which game you may ask?staphanie powerful christian messages
She needed to cut her clothes and reveal more flesh so that she can be noticed by the top guys.
And since she was naive and didn’t know better, she had to follow their “high road”. Staphanie-powerful christian messages
She is that your sister who you told that she is embarrassing you because she doesn’t dress half-naked like your friends’ sisters.
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Today the tap is opened and no one can stop the running waters even her.
The Kathryn you are looking for is that young girl who her friends convinced to upload that naked picture and instead of you to tell her the truth, you commented “you look sexy darling”
it increased her morale and she also noticed that she got 1000 likes on the naked picture and 20 on the decent picture.
So she started uploading more of that and today, we can’t see the end of the pornographic pictures she upload daily. staphanie powerful christian messages.
The Kathryn you are looking for is your friend’s new catch.
She looks nice and innocent but since you guys have already bet on who will sleep with her first, he was willing to win the challenge and after he has lured her to bed, her eyes are opened to another dimension of life that looks sweeter today at the detriment of her tomorrow and her generation.
Today she is a pro.

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God could have used her!
She wanted to be used by him!
She made up her mind to live right but along the line, with your involvement, she is running on another lane completely.
When you made her feel guilty for choosing to be single and you laughed her to scorn for still being a virgin at her age.
Thereby making her feel guilty about her decision.
Stop looking for the Kathryn Kuhlman’s of our time.
They were willing to fulfill destiny but someone capitalized on their naivety coupled with the wrong foundation they had, now they have become tik tok naked dancers with 20,000 followers online. Staphanie-powerful christian messages
Thereby Drawing more souls to the devil than to God.
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Who will receive this blame wholeheartedly?staphanie-powerful-christian-messages
The list of those to be blamed is endless.staphanie powerful christian messages
But playing that blame game won’t help anybody.
It never had.
Even the best of men were picked by grace.
Grace found us!
Grace picked us!
When we were hopeless and in complete mud and unable to help ourselves.

Grace said yes when we were totally clueless about our lives.

Staphanie-powerful christian messages

Until grace found us, we are all hopeless and completely unable to help ourselves.
Every one of us is saved by grace but it doesn’t end there, we were saved so that we could save others.
The Katherine Kuhlman you are looking for is YOU.
Stop searching around for her.staphanie powerful christian messages

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The John Knox you are searching for is YOU!
Stop looking around for him.
Stop looking for who to push the responsibility to. There is no one special person who was marked for their generation.
If you don’t fulfill your purpose, no one else will do your part because you have been equipped specially for the sake of your generation.

Who else is tired of searching for the Kathrine Kulmann and the John Knox of our time? Staphanie-powerful christian messages

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