2022 Prophetic Watch: Global Motion to Know In the Coming Months of 2022

Published by: JOE PIANO  |  2nd June, 2022  | 2:50pm |

Written by: Apostle Joel Ogebe

Apostle Joel Ogebe is the  lead prophet, House Of Salem Int./ SCHOOL OF THE PROPHETS NAIOTH RAMAH ABUJA FCT. He is not just a prophet by name but by calling, an ordained prophet of God, I and many persons who have being following this man online from afar and near will testify that most of his prophecy in recent and old time are true and all came to pass. to confirm this you can follow him on facebook at



Today He wrote this on his Facebook Timeline;

Welcome to the 2nd day of the year (June-first week of September) as God told me in the prophecy I gave for the year, the first week of the year would usher in a global famine and melt down.
Now this is already in motion globally and many will wish to know what to expect in the coming months of the year. I’m here to address that:
1. China will be heavily on the news within 3months and they will begin to experience the following:
– issues with neighboring countries especially India and regions around Mount Everest.
– a serious wave of economic down spiral that will cause china to begin to put many African countries indebted to china into serious crisis and pressure but china will find an intelligent way to introduce loan freedom by working out another deal with those countries.(but it’s a trap)
2. Monkey pox will be on a serious rise and it will be intense for weeks from around July and their will be issues with restrictions in movement.
3. There will be a mass exchange on landed properties, it will be very wise to buy now because for the next 8 months property value will suffer.
4. America ?? is about to go into serious chaos internally and it’s leadership will be grossly weak and they will begin to stop importation and it is going to be heard that they are focusing on tapping into agriculture and animal products.
There is a stirring of chaos and it will hit like a serious wave only to get bigger early next year.
5. Africa will begin to experience a great influx of western tech companies who will begin to buy properties and set up massive companies around 5 major nations in Africa. Before the African war in few year. Selah.
6. Major global water scarcity is coming.. I said this early this year and I’m still repeating it. Proper drinking water will be scarce.
7. For the crypto world, a massive push will come and after that kindly quit the crypto market. I see XRP becoming the most valuable crypto to hold soon. It will swallow many of the current biggest coins and become like real money with global acceptance. Buy it and keep.
For the body of Christ please you must know that your dwelling place is Goshen and you must not be troubled.


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