Paul Enenche
insincerity and falsehood
Insincerity, falsehood, deceit and fraud destroy life
We have control over our actions but most times we don’t have control over the consequences
1. The bankruptcy of Divine Presence (Ps. 101:7; Acts 10:38)
2. Premature death (Ps. 101:7; Jer. 17:11; 2 Sam. 1:15-16; Prov. 18:21KJV, TLB)
There is no future for the life of a crook and criminal
3. The attraction of the curse of the Lord (Zech. 5:1-4; Jer. 22:13; Ps. 84:11)
Don’t envy anybody moving around with flashy things, just calm down and let God determine your step per time
Don’t envy anybody, accept your status per time
Don’t struggle for it when it is not yet time (Ps. 84:11)
Life is in phases and men are in sizes just accept your status per time – Bishop David Oyedepo
4. The wastage of life’s labour and investment (Jer. 17:11; Zech. 5:4; Eccl. 2:26)
Don’t gather for waste, gather for the future
5. The destruction of the future (Jer. 17:11)
6. The ruin of the next generation (Josh. 7:24-25; Kings 5:27; Ps. 112:1-3; Prov. 20:7)
Anyone who is fraudulent can never have a great future (Josh. 7:24; Kings 5:27)
If you love your children and their future, walk in uprightness (Josh. 7:24; Kings 5:27)
The natural thing for anybody is to do things with your next generation in mind
If you love your children be cautious of what you do today (Ps. 112:1-3; Prov. 20:7)
Just be real with God, don’t play pranks – Bishop David Oyedepo
The same way crookedness damages the future of the next generation, righteousness corrects the future of the next generation.
7. Damnation in eternal hell fire (Rev. 21:8)
1. Live in truth, live in sincerity (2 John 1:4; 3 John 1:4)
2. Never add to your treasure what is not yours by right (Gen. 3:21, 23)
Father, I receive Your help and grace to walk in the path of truth. Help me Lord to walk the path
of truth and sincerity Lord, in Jesus’ Name (Heb. 4:16)
Father, wherever I walked in insincerity in time past, I ask for mercy. Father, I ask for the reversal of consequences of wrong actions on my life, my children and family Lord, in Jesus’ Name.
Father, we ask that You will uproot the wicked out of our land, Nigeria and establish Your perfect plan and purpose for our land Lord, in Jesus’ Name (Ps. 101:8).
Communion of the life of Christ
By this communion:
– Let the truth of Christ step into your life, let His Nature become your nature
– Whatever is contrary to His life is flushed out right now!
– Wherever the result of life is needed it is produced now!
– Every embargo placed upon your life is broken right now!
– Every altar erected to fight your destiny, today they are set on fire!
– In your life God shall give you a testimony!
– Your destiny no devil shall abort it!
– The chain is broken, the door is broken by the authority of He that opens and no one shuts and shuts and no one opens!
– All your family members, wherever they kept them, they are released!
– Every family with any child or anybody under the grip of the devil, they are set free tonight!
– Anything flowing in your blood is out and you are healed!
– Anything that has put your life or any department of your life under pressure, I declare it is over!
– Every deposit in your life that is not of God, today is its end, in the name of Jesus, I command you to get out!


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