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A Quick Guide to Using Chipper Cash in Nigeria

Electronic payments in Nigeria (and Africa at large) is growing tremendously, sending and receiving money across borders still remains a challenge. Thanks to Chipper Cash, however, money transfer to other African countries can now be done instantly (and for free!) at the click of a button.

With Chipper Cash, sending funds is just as seamless as receiving it. The conversion/exchange rates are also really reasonable and competitive. Asides money transfer, you can also use Chipper Cash to pay bills (cable TV, internet, and electricity) and purchase airtime.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the features of the Chipper Cash platform and why it is currently one of the best medium for local and international money transfer in Nigeria.

Available and Platform Support

Currently, you have to own a smartphone to use Chipper Cash; there’ no web support yet. The service is available for both Android and iOS users. You can download the app via the links below.


Download Chipper Cash (Android) | Download Chipper Cash (iOS)

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Chipper Cash is available in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Ghana. The firm also recently launched operations in South Africa, making the region its 7th country of operation in Africa.

Registration and Onboarding

To use Chipper Cash in Nigeria, your phone number is the basic requirement needed to create an account. You can also choose to use your email address. Afterward, you’d have to input the verification code that was sent to the number or email you registered with.

Chipper cash nigeria

If you registered with your phone number, you can choose to verify your number via USSD — tap the dial button or manually type/dial the provided USSD shortcode on your phone’s dialer. You’ll also be asked to verify your number each time sign in to your account — whenever you sign out of the app.



Chipper cash nigeria

Another unique feature you’d love about Chipper Cash is that it lets you connect and sign in to your wallet/account with multiple numbers or email addresses. On your Account Profile page, tap ‘Personal’ and select ‘Add Phone or Email‘ to add other numbers or email addresses.

Although Chipper Cash doesn’t say if there’s a limit to the amount of phone number or email address that can be connected to a single wallet/account, it really is a cool feature that allows for flexible login options.

If you lose your phone number, you can still access (and verify) your Chipper Cash wallet with the secondary numbers or email addresses.

Account Verification and Transfer Limits

As a newly-registered user, you can receive unlimited amount of money from anyone, anywhere. However, you will only be able to send a maximum of Four Million Naira (N 4,000,000) and Twenty Million Naira (N20,000,000). For withdrawals, new users can only cash-out Twenty thousand naira (N20,000) daily.

To increase this withdrawal limit, you’d have to verify your identity. To do this (as a Nigerian user), you’ll be required to provide your Bank Verification Number (BVN) and take a selfie. Chipper Cash will verify the information provided and raise your transaction limits accordingly. Account verification is also required to activate your ‘Chipper Account Number’ (more on this later).

It takes a couple of minutes (sometimes, hours) to get verified after providing the necessary information. As a verified user, you can:

  • Send: N5,000,000 daily | N35,000,000 weekly
  • Withdraw: N 1,000,000 daily
  • Receive: Unlimited amount of money

Funding Wallet

At the moment, Nigerian users can only fund their Chipper Cash wallet via card payments. As a first time user, you’d be required to deposit N10 (Ten Naira) to your account to add a bank card.

Chipper cash nigeria

Note: Chipper Cash doesn’t charge any fee to deposit money. The N10 will be deposited into your Chipper Wallet.

Sending Money

Chipper Cash lets you send money to other registered Chipper Cash users on your phonebook. You can also send money to your contacts that aren’t registered on Chipper Cash. The recipient will be prompted (via SMS) to create a Chipper Cash account to receive the funds.

Note: If the recipient doesn’t register an account to claim the payment, the money will be refunded to you.

To send money to another Chipper Cash user or someone on your contact list, tap the ‘Send’ button on the Activity page and choose the person you want to send funds to on your contact list. I really liked Chipper Cash’s contact segmentation and identification — you’d find contacts who are registered Chipper Cash at the top of the Contacts section alongside their country flag and full name.

Cash at the top of the Contacts section alongside their country flag and full name.

You can also use the search box to find other Chipper Cash users who aren’t on your contact list using their username. If you have a user’s QR code, you can tap ‘Scan Code’ to quickly send them money.

It’s also worth mentioning that Chipper Cash boasts of really competitive exchange rates. For context, the official Naira to Uganda Shillings rate was (at the time of writing) pegged at ₦ 1 = UGX 9.60 while Chipper Cash had a slightly reduce (but reasonable) rate — ₦1 = UGX 9.00.

Chipper cash nigeria


The official Naira to Kenya Shillings was Ksh 1 = 3.62. On Chipper Cash, Ksh 1 = 3.88. These rates are very much reasonable and the best you’d get out there — compared to other money transfer and bill payments apps.


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Bill Payments

As earlier mentioned, Chipper Cash lets you pay internet, electricity, and TV bills. I used the app to purchase airtime and it was really fast and seamless. You can also tap the ‘Contacts’ button to purchase airtime for someone on your contact list.

So, when next you want to pay your DStv or GOtv bill in Nigeria, you should try Chipper Cash. The best part is that you get a 2% discount on every airtime purchase. Additionally, bill payments are free. This registers Chipper Cash as one of the very few payment providers that don’t charge users to pay bills, send money, or fund their accounts.


Like bill payments, airtime purchase, and other services on Chipper Cash, withdrawing funds on the platform is also free. For Nigerian users, you can only withdraw funds from your Chipper Wallet to your bank account. To do this, navigate to Profile > Cash Out and set up your bank account.

Go to Profile > Payment Methods to add your bank account. Withdrawal to my account was processed in seconds and my bank was credited immediately.

Auxiliary Bank Account

As an added perk, Chipper Cash users also get a bank account (powered by Providus Bank). This account (dubbed the “Chipper Account Number”) works just like your regular bank account; people can send money into the account number from their banks and banking apps. The funds will be deposited directly to your Chipper Wallet.

This auxiliary bank account serves as an added medium of depositing funds to your Chipper Wallet. One thing, though: this account number isn’t assigned to a user by default. If you want one, you’d have to place a request for it. To do this, navigate to your Profile and tap the incomplete account number to send a request.

Chipper cash nigeria

Chipper Cash will review your request and inform you of the status. This might take hours, or sometimes, days.

Money Request

If you are out of money, or perhaps someone owes you, the ‘Request’ feature of the Chipper Cash app lets you request money from your contact list or other Chipper Cash users.

Security & Privacy

Chipper Cash has some measures in place to help safeguard your account and funds. As earlier mentioned, whenever you sign out of the Chipper Cash app, you will be required to go through Two-Step Authentication (via SMS) before you can log back into your account.

The app also has a Security Lock feature that will prompt you to enter your Chipper PIN each time you close the app. This is an added layer of security that will prevent anyone who has access to your device from opening your Chipper Cash dashboard without your authorization. You could toggle on the ‘Hide Balance’ to conceal your balance from the home screen.

Cheaper, Faster, Better

Overall, the Chipper Cash is great; it’s an app for the everyday African smartphone user. The app is well-designed and most importantly, easy-to-navigate. The airtime discount and zero charges on bill payments will also —cumulatively—save you a great deal of money. Money transfer, bill payments, money deposits, etc. all happen instantly. Cross-border transfers are just as fast as local remittances.

There’s in-app support, but you can also reach the Chipper Cash Customer Care Team on Facebook or Twitter. I haven’t used the in-app support but I’ve been able to reach the customer care team via Twitter a couple of times. Responses to my queries weren’t immediate but they were resolved just in time.

If you have used Chipper Cash in Nigeria, do tell us about your experience (so far) in the comments below. If you haven’t, you can create an account with Chipper Cash via this link.

For further Assistance Kindly;


Call: 07038857907, 08178132472, 09039594369

Send message on WhatsApp:



Transfers are free on the chipper app regardless of the amount or the location you are sending to. In instances where the payment is across borders with different currencies, live and current exchange rates are used to process the transfers. The app shows the exchange rates and does not include any commissions to their exchange rates.

What users are saying

The reviews on Google play store are mostly positive. Olushike Bamgbose describes it as an amazing app especially for the digital visa card that can be used to buy anything online. Sunday Ibrahim says it is a great platform to save, receive and make money transactions at ease.

“I really love chipper cash. But I will love you to increase your networks to more European countries so we can receive money from our friends and family members abroad,” Sunday concluded.

Serene Elmarkson described the app as amazing and said everything about it was top-notch including the connection, exchange rate, speed, partnership, etc.

However, some users were left unsatisfied with the app. A user, Vianel IshaSeptember said the app was quite slow and referrals don’t work. Another user, Victoria Joshua said she hasn’t been able to verify her account since coming onboard. She also complained about having to answer the registration questions all over again whenever she tries to log back in.

While commending the ‘great service’, Samson Mukisa however noted that during verification the video selfie process hardly works and even when it does, the cashout process never works most of the time.

The Customer care service politely addresses the negative reviews though by asking for their chipper tags so that individual concerns could be addressed. Chipper Cash is good for the financial scene.

As per serving the unbanked and underbanked, to the extent to which users can use their mobile phones as bank accounts, it actually offers something unique. It also provides free financial services that would otherwise be paid for which means it tries to solve the problem of the underserved.

However, users ultimately need to use its app to access their cash. This eventually requires a smartphone which many people don’t have.

How does Chipper Cash work?

  • Chipper cash is a money transfer App available to everyone, Android and iPhone users. You can send and receive money free of charge. It’s an easy to use app that allows you to send any amount of money.

How to add money to your Chipper Cash wallet

Chipper cash provides you with an E-wallet where your money is stored. In case you want to send money to another person through Chipper cash, automatically you must add some cash to your Chipper cash e-wallet either from your bank or mobile money account. Below are steps to follow while adding cash/depositing money on your Chipper cash App.

Note: Before you do that, ensure that either your mobile money number linked to your Chipper Cash account. We’ll show you how to add multiple mobile money numbers in your Chipper cash account later on.

  • Click the Add Cash button on your Home screen or Click on the profile icon and find it (as you can see below)
  • Enter the amount of money you wish to add
  • Then click on the Add button.

You will receive a message from your Mobile Money provider with instructions to follow or you’ll be directly prompted to enter your pin to approve the transfer.

How to withdraw/cash-out money from your Chipper Cash wallet

You can as well send money from the chipper cash wallet back to your mobile money account or to any mobile money account of your choice. To do this;

  • God to your Chipper cash profile
  • Select the cash out button
  • Enter the amount you want to cash out plus the mobile number you want the money to be sent
  • The money will be deposited on that mobile number account immediately.

Can you send money to someone who’s not on Chipper cash?

Yes! When you send money to someone who’s not on Chipper cash, he/she will receive a message/notification including the amount sent. A link to download and create a Chipper cash account will also be included.

In-order for that person to access that money, they will need to create a Chipper Cash account via that link.

How to add multiple mobile money numbers in your Chipper cash account

  • Click on the profile icon below
  • Select the Payment methods option
  • Select the Add Payment method
  • Choose the Mobile Money provider of your choice (Either MTN or Airtel – for now)
  • Input the mobile number you want to add to your chipper cash account
  • You will be sent a one-time verification code
  • Input the code and the number will be added to your Chipper cash account. That way, you can have multiple mobile money accounts in your chipper cash app
  • How and Why verify your Chipper cash account

    How to verify your Chipper Cash account

    • Click on the profile icon and scroll up to the bottom
    • Click on the Get Verified button
    • Then Select Begin Account Verification button
    • Read instructions and press continue
    • You will be redirected to the Chipper Cash app web verification portal. Press the Begin button
    • The portal will direct you on how to make selfie movements, to capture your face
    • After this, you will be required to upload either your Passport or National ID.
    • With all this done, the Chipper Cash team will notify you when your account is verified.

    Why it is important to verify your Chipper Cash account

    When you verify your Chipper cash account, you will be able to get:-

    • Increased transaction limits
    • Priority customer support
    • Enhanced security of your account
    • Buyer & Seller protections when transacting with other verified accounts.

    What is the cost of sending money using Chipper Cash?

    No cost! Its 100% free to make money transactions using the Chipper Cash app.

    An additional question and answer guide to help you

    Is it possible to cancel an already sent payment on Chipper Cash

    Canceling already sent payments is not possible! Transactions made are sent and processed immediately. Debited from your account and made available to the recipient of the transaction. Thus be sure before confirming any transactions!

    Chipper cash team continues to say that, the only time you can cancel a transaction is when you send it to someone who doesn’t have the Chipper cash app installed. You can cancel that transaction immediately by tapping the cancel button. However, if this person installs and creates an account, the sent amount shall automatically be credited on his/her account on the go and now you won’t be able to cancel the transaction anymore.

  • What do you do when you send to a wrong recipient?

    The most you can do is to request the payment back which request must be accepted before the transaction is returned.

    If you don’t hear back from them or need help sending a charge request, you can send the Chipper cash team an email at [email protected]. They will help you indeed.

    How to check for balance on Chipper cash App?

    Your Chipper Balance is made up of any payments that you’ve received and that you have not transferred to your mobile money account. You can see how much money is in your balance by the following steps.

    • Go to your profile page
    • Check under your profile picture.
    • You’ll see your balance as per that time of check.

    In which countries are the Chipper cash services available?

    • Ghana
    • Uganda
    • Kenya
    • Tanzania
    • Rwanda
    • Nigeria

    Chipper cash is focused on expanding its reach into more countries in the world.

    If your country is not included and you wish to use Chipper cash app services, you can email their team at [email protected] and let them know which country and why.


    We hope this guide has been helpful, and now you know how the chipper cash app works. You can also earn money when you invite users to download the Chipper Cash app. Here is my link inviting you to download the app, make me rich friends, hahaha.

    Kindly share with us your experience with this FREE money transaction app.

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