academic performance

academic performance

First of All; this is for KSU Aspirant and Fresher’s;

KSU (PAAU) SCHOOL FEES for Fresher’s 100L/DE Student’s INDIGEN #57,550

academic performance

NON INDIGEN #100,050

Acceptance Fee:#10,000

Admission Letter l/Matriculation Fees #5,000

HOSTEL Inikpi (Girls) Hostel=20k

Boys Hostel= 20k M_H 20k

New Hostel=40k, 55k, 65k,(Depend on your Choice) OFF CAMPUS

Single Room 25k, 30k

Self Contain Room 45k upward Minimize Your Spending.

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Making good results is the dream of all newly admitted students in every university but these dream is only actualized by very few students in every university, Reasons because most newly admitted students get distracted after gaining admission because of friends, campus life, social media and lots other factors and end up having bad results in their 100 level, and making better results afterwards becomes more difficult because the more you go the tougher it becomes.

So in these my article I would tell you how to make 4.0 CGPA in the university which helped me to making 4.21 CGPA in my first semester year one, though my second semester result is not out yet, but I know I will do much better than my previous semester.

  1. Make the right friends who are ready to study with you, stand by you when you need them most academically, morally, financially, physically, socially, spiritually and otherwise.
  2. Forget about matriculation day rather focus on your studies in the preparation for your convocation day.
  3. Always attend lectures and take attendance regularly.
  4. Always jot down whatever comes out of the lecturer’s mouth and go home forming a lecture notes with that of the lecturer and your research from the internet and textbooks.
  5. Always do all assignments and submit when due.
  6. Always go through your lecture notes for the day and understand as much as you can, do research in any difficulties you come across.
  7. Read regularly in preparation for sudden tests and exams.
  8. Form a reading group if possible.
  9. Always buy the lecturers textbooks and use it as a guideline in your reading, Not forgetting the additional marks that may be gotten.
  10. Try getting and practicing past questions as early as possible.

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academic performance


KNU will make you Busy such That the Being Busy you are doesn’t include your Books

*We used to Stay 3 days sometimes as busy People yet without Studying Anything.

Here are Things you Should Avoid Doing in University to Create more Time

1) Avoid Ba GELO.

2) Avoid clubbing or Unnecessary Movements, they waste time.

3)  Always know where u coming from……That’s Ur Motivation.

4) You have 24 hours in a Day…..use 15 Hours to Study Things that can be done in 3 days.

5) Study ahead……Know something before u learn.

6) Never Miss Lectures, No matter how u knows….. Attend Lectures  Don’t be too Proud of Ur 6 points, u will Go Home

7) Avoid Study Groups, Especially those pa NS…..Study Groups really don’t work  pa NS……Study alone and ask were u behind from Ur Friends.

8) Avoid Bathing and Eating every time…..You are not Home,u are At Work,do it with all Energy.

9) Find time to rest But don’t sleep more than 4 Hours…..guys Yalikaba uku ,Time is Expensive,use it wisely.

9) Avoid Bad Company.

10) STUDY TO TEACH and not to Write Tests…..Study like u can tell someone about it, that’s the best way to go about it and u will make it

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academic performance


1: This is a university; the system of academics is quite different from secondary schools. Here twelve exercise books are not necessarily needed, but you can decide to get it if you so wish.

2: Lectures are not necessarily important, but attendance is compulsory (don’t get it twisted please). While in a lecture, nobody will give you note but you write note by yourself, meaning, you can jot down points from what your lecturer is teaching. And as a matter of fact, you must be as fast as possible. Ask questions when confused and never limit yourself on the bases of being shy or afraid. Always make it punctual to your lecture halls.

3: 100L courses are mostly elementary, that is, they are simple to understand. No one should scare you, nothing is hard there, but you must be a serious student. Do all your assignments in time and be ready to submit it when the lecturer demands for it. Go extra mind to read, and also be aware of the fact that 100L is the best place to build a very good CGPA.

4: In this place there are people to welcome you in any kind of lifestyle you would like to live. You can as well demonstrate unionism if you are the type, but remember that your academics is paramount.

5: Lastly, everybody I assumed to be matured in the university. Respect everybody and you will be respected in return. Ask questions wherever you’re confused.

I wish you all success in your academics.

academic performance


Please divine intervention

Returning Students, please help this fresher’s to settle, we know it’s not easy to receive a strangers, some of them don’t even know the state before, talkless of the campus.

Please I beg u all, not commanding or I too know but from situations report.

Give them right direction

Accommodate them for some days as there will search for their Lodge

Treat them, some are u juniors.

Help them with previous materials, past questions if u get or if u know anyone that have.

Advice them

academic performance


Be a good strangers, don’t insult or wicked them, don’t steal their properties

Even if u are posses, don’t harm a person that accommodate you, because those that posses u can’t find u a lodge

Be kind and Respect them, since it’s not your house, anything there said, obey their rules.

And many more

Together we are one, let’s love lead.

Equalitarian movement

Humanity first

NOTE: serious lectures to kick-off on Monday,8am to 6pm

Wishing you all, success ahead.

The Lord bless and keep you all.

God bless Nigerian students

academic performance

University is an avenue where you can explore and showcase your God given talent.

Your dedication towards what took you to School will determine your success and achievement in the next 4 years.

The earlier the better.

Your first result will determine your eight semesters results in the school.

Pick the relevant electives and choose your friends wisely.

Be friendly with the lecturers and your fellow course mates.

Attend lectures, put in your best to all the academic activities.

Group assignment and individual assignments should be taken seriously.

Most lecturers will try to put fear in your mind but trust me they are just doing that to make sure you remain focus and dedicated.



No lecturer will give you a carry over for a paper you wrote well.

Use your assignments and test to determine the grades you want in your result.

Avoid getting into trouble.

Go and ask your lecturers for their lecture note.

Make them your school parents.

Avoid lecturers I mean avoid them in a way that may lead to sexual approach or harassment.

Above all join any religious organization that you felt it suit your practice.

Attend tribal meetings because it helps alot.

Be abreast with info in school.

Attend workshops and





If you are to party or club let it have a limit.

Study hard.

Imbibe night reading.

Pray Pray and Pray.



academic performance



Well, let me say that Experience is the Best Teacher. No matter the advice we offer here, as a new student, you will still have to learn more from the experiences they will have in the school. However, let me drop a few advices to fresh students.

  1. Ensure that you have a smartphone and MB as well. Don’t depend on school WiFi for you to surf and do your assignment.
  2. Ensure to join the WhatsApp group chat of your class. This is why I told you to have MB all the time. It’s on group chat that all the information you need about your class is shared. Time for lectures, day and venue are communicated on WhatsApp group chat. Submission of assignments, seminar and even exams time are related on WhatsApp group chat. This is University where a lecturer will fix class at 2pm, and informs the class rep at 1:40 pm. The class rep will just post it on WhatsApp by then, and in such classes, the lecturer might give a test. Exam time can be changed anytime, and you only get to know through your group chat. If you don’t belong to your group chat, your name is “sorry”, because you will miss a lot. Last semester, I almost missed one exam. The exam was scheduled by 12pm. The time was changed and shared on WhatsApp at 7:06 am that the exam would be by 9am same day. I was still in my lodge when I got a call at 9:05 am that they were already sharing papers. So, information is very vital, and you get them on WhatsApp group chat. Visit your chat very often to know the latest update.
  3. Ensure you do your assignments by yourself. I’ve discovered that many students, particularly first years don’t do their assignments by themselves. The benefits of doing your assignment by yourself are enormous. You get to read and prepare for your exams unknowingly when you’re doing your assignment. You also get to understand the course and topic better when you do your assignment by yourself. Always ensure that you are the one that will do your assignments. There are some topics that you won’t understand when the lecturer teaches you, but during the time you’re doing the assignment; your eyes will be cleared about that course.
  4. In addition to the point above, when you are given a group assignment/work, endeavor to make your contribution in that group work. Some students will abandon their group work for the group leader and the “intelligent ones” in the group. Please, do not be a passive member of your group work. Make your contribution.
  5. Ensure you attend every lecture. If you don’t attend a lecture, and an assignment is given, your fellow students will give you different versions of the question. Attending lectures enables you get first hand information from lecturers. You will even get to know the angles that exam questions will come from because during lectures, the lecturer might reveal them don’t miss lectures unnecessarily.
  6. On the question of living at off campus or school hostel, I can’t tell you which is better. However, hostels might not be hygienic to many students. I still wonder till this day how boys survive in the boy’s hostels. You can choose to live either on campus or at off campus. Apart from the proximity of the hostel to lecture venues, there is no advantage of living in hostel over living at off campus lodges.

That’s the much I have for now. These pieces of advice are on academic level. I will still make posts on social life and other areas of surviving in School.

Carry over is a great factor that affects undergraduates from graduating when due aside strike and also having low CGPA, it occurs when a student fails to obtain at least 40% in any course being offered and avoiding carry over as an undergraduate is the key to success in the university and also having better CGPA because it draws you backward when your colleagues are moving forward. And in these my article, I will be telling you how to avoid having Carry over as an undergraduate.

  1. Always attend lectures regularly and have at least 70% attendance. academic performance
  2. Build a good relationship with your Lecturer and make sure he or she sees you as a very serious and hard working student, it helps alot.
  3. Always buy textbooks sold by your Lecturers because most times marks are included in it.
  4. Try reading much earlier for tests to have a good score, because having good test scores increases your chances of passing the course.
  5. Begin early and practice as much previous past questions as you can, because it gives you the knowledge of knowing the pattern used by the Lecturer to set questions and also questions are been repeated some times by Lecturers.
  6. Have a comprehensive note from what the Lecturer taught and study it regularly.
  7. Start reading early and cover everything taught by the Lecturer, because you are unaware of the area of concentration from the Lecturer.
  8. Do all assignments given by the Lecturer and submit when due, and for the ones that aren’t meant to be submitted still attempt them and show your course mates who are very good in the Course, your senior colleagues and your Lecturer for corrections.
  9. Whatever area you don’t understand, try meeting your Coursemates who are very good in the course or your Lecturer for more explanation.
  10. Avoid any form of examination malpractice during your exams because it could implicate you and you could end up failing the course.
  11. Attend any good tutorial class you know to boost your knowledge on the course and increase your chances of passing the course.
  12. Form a reading group for the course with your colleagues who know the course better than you.
  13. Always use the internet as a source of research for better understanding and for your areas of difficulty.
  14. Try getting previous lecture notes from your colleagues and use as a guideline with your comprehensive note.
  15. Don’t forget to ask your senior colleagues the pattern of the Lecturer both his and her mode of teaching, mode and pattern of setting examination questions and lots more.

academic performance

The dream of every average student is to gain admission into the unversity and be free, but a lot of them make a big mistake by focusing on that freedom, therefore neglecting the main reason they came for; ‘studying’.

When i said ‘freedom’, i mean to enjoy social life; i.e. partying, clubbing, attending campus events, etc. As a student, you have to be able to balance your social life and academic life with equal percentage and for this to be possible, you have to follow these steps:

Get to know the campus: First, you have to get familiar with the school environment and personalize yourself with all corners of the school. You are going to be there for four years or more, it is advisable to be familiar with everything and everyone.

Plan ahead (Use free time wisely): This is your first year in school, it is advisable to set a time table and prioritize yourself to know the time you have classes in a week, when you are free, when to read, when to sleep and definitely when to play. Don’t leave all your work until the last minute as it would make you an un-serious person. Don’t spend all the time partying around as that would make one lazy toward school works.

Socialize frequently: bond with roommates positively because they are among the factors that can either make you or mar you. If you have lot of free times, make way to join clubs and attend campus events. Also, endeavor to balance your studies, social life and work commitment equally.

Stay healthy: make sure you eat at the right time because for you to be able to carry out necessary school work, you have to be healthy which can only be possible when you eat and take care of yourself.

In conclusion, always ask for help; don’t be afraid to bring up an issue or ask for help either academic wise, money wise or counseling.



  1. You must pass literature. Know it like the back of your hand. And that is why you must be an avid reader.
  2. When you gain admission, half of your money will go into white shirts. You are not permitted to wear “it was white.”
  3. Prepare to be trolled by students from other faculties. Na normal sturvs.
  4. Prepare to read like you’re crazy. Law lecturers don’t smile. They don’t play. Your happiness gives them pain.
  5. If you like, miss class and tests, you will see.
  6. Pray and fast so that your project supervisor is not a demon in human skin.



  1. Avoid Lagos Law School, e get why. Except you know you can handle anxiety, stress, high blood pressure and nightmares, then go with God.
  2. If you think you read a lot in the university, you just start work. I said read like crazy in the university ba? This time, you’ll read till you’re crazy. They don’t have ambulances outside exam halls for fancy. Anybody can snap and go crazy just like that. People also slump or have a panic attack. I’ve seen them happen.
  3. Prepare to follow rules.
  4. Learn to use fork and knife. You will have three dinners before you can be called to bar. You cannot miss it, you cannot eat like a village goat there.
  5. You will buy boooookkksssss!
  6. Your school fees is not less than 300k. Excluding books, registration here and there, food. No cooking in law school.
  7. That person you think is playing in class reads like a possessed human at night. Don’t lose guard.
  8. You fail one course, you write one. You fail two, you write all.
  9. Forget your name because people will start calling you “baby lawyer” or “dee law.”
  10. Chamber and court externship is compulsory. Can’t escape it.
  11. As you’re studying, eat and sleep oh! It is very important. No go kee yourself because of book. academic performance



  1. You will buy wig and gown. The cheapest one as at 2018 was around 20-25k. The wig looks like local sponge sha.
  2. Save for photoshoot. Abi you don’t want people to see that you are now a lawyer?
  3. On your day of call, eat akpu early in the morning because you will stand. God help you if your name falls in No. 419. Your legs will grow muscles by force and you cannot sit. So make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes to avoid stories that touch.



  1. The first reality is, work is not waiting for you. Oh, you thought you will be hot cake and they will be dragging you front, back and center? Kikikiki kiki! My dear, you will search by yourself. Except your daddy is a lawyer sha or someone fixes you somewhere.
  2. Prepare your mind, they will offer you N15k per month.
  3. Some senior colleagues will frustrate you.
  4. Lawyers can do a lot of things but I feel it is better to focus on a niche.
  5. If you don’t have patience, go and buy at Oshodi, and any other stores around you. Law will not make you rich overnight.



Welcome to Nigerian CAMPUSES where little girls are practicing ‘wifely functions’!

Just visit the boys’ hostels and you would be disappointed to find out that it is now common for a girl to live in with a course mate.

It is now common for her lover to give her the popular compliment ‘you look sexy my gal’ and she would gladly reply ‘thank you, honey, with a flirty voice and a romantic smile.


Who is her lover?

A 300 level student whose CGPA is barely up to 1.78!

And they are aiming for the next best couple award for the session by the departmental association. So, the girl needs to live with him to prepare along.

What nonsense! It seems that some girls suddenly loose their senses immediately they gain admission.

I’ve seen that some of them have no more sense of caution, honour, and dignity. academic performance

They would change their wardrobes and acquire a new set of make-ups just to look sexy enough for the guys.

In months, they would start sleeping around with boys. I mean boys who collect pocket money from their uncles! Dirty boys who most of the time are infected with sexually transmitted diseases

Hey! I want you to know that you were sent to school to obtain a degree, not a disease.

The campus is called a school; school not sex! You are on campus to receive education, not ejaculation. You are there to master the use of a pen not the pleasures of a penis

Wake up, girl! Do some thinking. Your future is greater than the ‘best couple award’.

You cook for a boy you are more intelligent than.

You give your virginity to a boy who will leave you after graduation You play wife to a boy who cannot even care for himself

Oh, you have given too much. Enough! Open your eyes; Can’t you see you’re being foolish?

You are passing through the fears of unwanted pregnancies yet you are opening your legs to a coward who cannot stand before your father.

And when you eventually get pregnant, he would be brutal.

academic performance



Higher institution is hard. It’s harder for those who don’t have enough money and much harder for those who don’t have enough money plus they are physically challenged.

There’s this student I knew from the hostel since 100 levels, who walks with clutches. The school made a provision for free accommodation for those who are physically challenged so he was given free accommodation throughout, from his first year to his final year. academic performance

Aside that, he enjoyed other preferential treatments from lecturers. academic performance

Sometimes when we see this guy heading to class with his clutches, we stop bike for him to climb and we pay. Those moments when buses were scarce and we struggled to enter bus, we don’t let him face those struggles with us. academic performance

Also, he’s not allowed to undergo the struggle of fetching water, plus other assistance rendered him because of his challenge.The day this id*ot guy did his external defense, to our utter dismay, he threw his clutches down and started jumping and jubilating. academic performance

It’s not like it was a miracle, he was never physically challenged. He faked it from his first year till final year.

Good Luck in your academic Journey, I hope this helps you. Kindly Comment Below and Share.


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