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School Na Scam?
School Na Scam? on


“Elon Musk, Mark Zukerberg, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates are all school drop out. You don’t actually need school to make it big in life. Show me one first class graduate that is rich?”
Before you drop that ‘yamayama’ finish for your mouth. Take your time to digest this.
Elon Musk’s father owned an emrald mine in apartheid South Africa-MONEY.
Jeff Bezos started Amazon with 300,000 dollars that he got from his parents and from his rich friends-MONEY.
Bill Gate’s mum sat on thesame board as the CEO of IBM and convinced him to take a risk on her son’s new company- Connection.
Mark Zukerbeg was attending one of the best universities in the world, Harvard. he dropped out to focus on Facebook and he was given the opportunity to showcase what he had- working system
Warren Buffett is the son of a powerful congressman who owned an investment company-family background.
The fact is, it’s harder for a person who has no connection, no money, no family support, or a working system to make it than a person who has one or even all of these.
Even Dangote isn’t from a poor home. His grandfather, Dantata was once one of the richest men in Nigeria- Foundation.
My point exactly is, the only thing you have is education, why exactly are you motivating yourself with “most of the world richest men are school dropouts”?
Firstly, only 0.7 percent of world richest people are dropouts but have you even considered what the system is like and what they drop out for?
Mark Zukerbeg dropped out because he had built facebook, he had been given a platform to showcase it and he needed to concentrate.
He didn’t drop out because of carryovers or bad behaviours, or no school fees, etc.
They dropped out to focus. They were one of the brightest in their various classes. You are using basket to pack numerous carryovers every semester in Benue State University, and you want to motivate yourself with the story of brilliant people who dropped out of Harvard, really?
See, the only thing you have is education. Why not try as much as you can to make the best of it?
Education is very important, it’s no scam. You don’t just get education from schooling. You connects with people, make friends and you are even more opened to opportunities while in school. Why are you like this?
Focus, my dear.
You have no connection,
You have no money,
You have no family support,
You have no working system,
But, the only thing you have is education and you are taking it for granted?
Think about it.


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