Download My Yahweh
Download My Yahweh
I was on my way back from somewhere, with a heavy heart , and all I could hear was, Sarah feed me with your worship”.
I was like in this my pained moment?
I started worshiping God, from the road till I got home, went to my room and continued, then the told me to take a stroll.
I did and I saw a lot of amazing sites, and in amusement, I started singing my Yaweh like a song I knew before.
I wrote the song down immediately I got home & also recorded it a few days after.

You can’t afford to miss such a powerful song like this. Download, Listen & be blessed!! (10mb)


My Yaweh
You rule in everything,you are the great I am
My Yaweh
What will I do
What will I give
What will I say
To thank you my lord
My Yaweh
Odi nugeche
Odi nugeya
Odi nugegba
Noge jowofu lo owoicho

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Download my yaweh

Download my yaweh

Download my yaweh

Download my yaweh


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