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Minister Sarah Bawa

My Soul Longs For You: its an awesome song to express how hunger we taste for him. The song was written and Sang by Pastor Chris Morgan. This Cover By: Minister Sarah Bawa.

Download gospel track Mp3 My Soul Longs For You by Chris Morgan. Cover: By Sarah Bawa. Use the  download link below to download this throwback gospel track. Also download other awesome gospel tracks by Chris Morgan HERE.

DOWNLOAD HERE: My Soul Taste for you Cover By Min. Sarah Bawa on

About Minister Sarah Bawa

Meet Sarah Bawa a young upcoming Gospel Music Minister.
Sarah Bawa based in Makurdi, Benue State Nigeria. She released her first single in 2020
Titled “REVIVAL FIRE” and in 2021 she also released her second single Titled “MY YAWEH” which has been a blessing to so many lives all around the world. And the most anticipated: THE SOUND
She is not just a singer but a worship Leader, Music Minister powerfully endowed with grace and the presence of God anytime she minister. She is also a songwriter, a Journalist.
She is also the founder and pioneer of “ACCESS” which is an annual Worship/Praise meeting which was birth in the year 2018 when the Lord led in my heart that i should organise a meeting every January where people will come and thank him, and to also appreciate him in advance for accessing the months ahead.


1. Make many see reasons to appreciate God in all time.
2. Liberation of souls
3. Spread the Gospel of Christ and More.
She is also the founder of the Weekly Online Exceptional Worship every Monday by 12noon.
Revival Fire is a song birthed from the spirit when she first received it as words from a meeting praying for revival, which later became solid when she was on her way back from school one day.
This is a song springed out of hunger for God to course His revival fire to the whole world, because what we need now is God’s revival.
This song and its sound are soothing and exude a powerful supernatural revival fire that will totally transform the heart of men and the world at large.
The song was birth from a call from God to lead his people in worship.. and she said i quote “I was on my way back from somewhere, with a heavy heart, and all I could hear was, Sarah feed me with your worship”. I was like in this my pained moment? I started worshipping God, from the road till I got home, went to my room and continued, then they told me to take a stroll. I did and I saw a lot of amazing sites and in amusement, I started singing my Yaweh like a song I knew before. I wrote the song down immediately I got home & also recorded it a few days after”.

You can’t afford to miss such a powerful song like this. Download, Listen & be blessed!! (10mb)

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One thought on “Download My Soul by Minister Sarah Bawa”
  1. Wow!!
    I’m just so blessed by your ministration and style of music,
    More wins ma,
    Keep the fire burning…
    I love you big time ma❤️❤️?

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