Nigerian talented composer and singer, Shonyi Michael Viashima  aka Slim Daddy delivered this brand new song titled ‘Complicate).’




Furthermore, complicate by Slim Daddy has already started barging high streams on various digital platforms just barely a few minutes after its release. 

Hopefully, this record might soon set the Afro-classic crooner on a milestone due to its general acceptance.

Shonyi Michael Viashima  “slimz” AKA (Slim Daddy). I hail from Dudu area of Guma Local Government Benue State Nigeria I’m Tiv precisely.

Studied Food Science and Technology at at JS TAKAA UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE MAKURDI.
He is an Afropop Singer.

He started his music career as a Chorister in the Catholic church, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cathedral MAKURDI precisely.

According to him what Inspired to do music is when he joined the choir mainly to sing at Mass not really to be a Musician but what really inspired him into enrolling into Afor Pop was the people around me. They keep telling him that he have the talent that he can explore beyond just singing in the choir so Shonyi Michael Viashima  “slimz” AKA (slim Daddy) got motivated and decided to give it a try.





mmm….uh yeh yeh…
they call me Slimzy,
slim daddy.
no be lie… no be lie..

Verse 1

Girl I the wait for your call,
uh yeh
if you the call me me I no know,
no be lie….
I still deh, I the wait for your bed oh.
keep it coming ,
I go fit kpai for your head,
I still deh here for you,
I’m still waiting for you.



Your too complicating.
if you no stop you go conjugate me.
shey u don start to the underate me
uh yeh yeh , uh yeh..yeh
your too complicating,
if you no stop you go conjugate me.
shey u don start to the underate me.
uh yeh yeh.. yeh .
make I confess,
bad girl you too fine make I contest?
if I no get i go protest
uhh yeh yeh , uhh yeh…yeh
make I confess,
bad girl you too fine make I contest?
if I no get i go protest
uh yeh yeh,uh yeh..yeh..


Verse 2
this your matter kill somebody,
I’ve been holding on too long.
but you the fake it on me.
on your matter noh ni,.
if I no fit manover,
I go do crossing over,
it’s been a long long day me getting older.
this your matter too the get pass over

mm mm …mm……. uh yeh yeh.
uh yeh yeh yeh
no be lie……….
girl I the wait for your call,
girl I the wait for your call…



Social Media Dandle details:

Facebook page: shonex MUSIC LAB
TikTok: Shonyi Michael
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: 08061578917

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