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Trending Gospel Music Songstress and Songwriter Deborah Paul Enenche is out to the music scene with a brand new single tagged BIGGER

BIGGER is a spiritual sound that talks about God’s mighty (big) nature.

Bigger is a spiritual songs that you must not joke with as this melody is packed with a lot of spiritual goodies so as you listen to it be expectant to receive from God Almighty as you worship.

This newly released single has come to lift your spirit high. Bigger is a spiritual songs that you must not joke with as this melody is packed with a lot of spiritual goodies so as you listen to it be expectant to receive from God Almighty as you worship.

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In case y’all didn’t know, I have a new single called “Bigger” out on ALL streaming sites right now download Biggerdownload Biggerdownload Bigger.
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Bigger · Deborah Paul-Enenche Bigger

℗ 3845154 Records DK

Released on: 2022-09-02


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Among all the weapons of war and worship God is using in our time and generation, to bring men and women into submission, one of the very who stands out amongst many and I’d want to talk about is God’s handmaiden, Barr. Deborah Paul-Enenche, the daughter of my spiritual parents.
Now, I’d love to categorically state here that all what I’m about to say is coming from a point of revelation.
I’ve by God’s mercies had the privilege of interacting closely with her once (During the 25th Anniversary, when she commended and encouraged me after I ministered in songs on the day 1 of the conference).
Aside that, I really haven’t had that opportunity to keep communications going with her but I trust the Lord to make that possible someday. It was that day, I also had the privilege of introducing myself to her as her learned colleague in the profession.
I remember telling her jokingly that we’ll be honoured some day to have her at our location Dunamis north bank. As God will have it, our father and mother came with her in thier company for our dedication in December of 2021, just one month after… Smiles.. Now let’s leave that aside for another day.
Now if you’re reading this, I want to draw your attention to something very striking that I’d want you to learn from. Many see her as a lucky child, who was born into dignity, integrity, honour and priesthood. But permit me to say this that she wasn’t lucky, Debby was destined. There is a different between luck and destiny but that will be a sermon for another day.
Recently, she has been become a sensation among youths all over the world especially in our nation Nigeria. Her style of dressing, her accent, her simplicity and spirituality is one thing that has made this beautiful expression of God’s beauty to stand out among her peers.
I mean, you can’t listen to Barr. Deborah minister and be normal. You just have no choice but to connect to Zion. Aside having a strong vocal prowess, this lady carries the feelable, palpable and unadulterated presence of God such that it quickens and draws you to a place of intimacy with God.
For that few minutes we spoke that day, I made up my mind that I was going to love God more. I thought I had always loved God, I thought I was humble but after meeting her that day and i heard her speak, I realized that I wasn’t even humble.
Dear beautiful sisters all over the world, it’s not just enough to love Debby, follow her activities and wish to be like her. One of the proof that yes indeed you’re an honest and good follower of God’s handmaiden is that you have an ALTER in the secret place. You can slay in dignity without exposing body and still be an authority in the realm of the spirit. That is a point where, each time you wake up in the morning, Hell is confused and terrified.
Do you know that aside the honour of my spiritual parents that rubs on her, she has also by her self been able to generate a measure of honour to herself and this was possible because she has an ALTER where she meets God and interacts with him every minute of the day.
Do you know we have many children of many General Overseers, doing the same thing Debby is doing and yet not heard? I came to realize that there is an extent to which you can go except and unless you go the extra mile to touch God and get extra oil.
As I move around in the little places God takes me to ministering in songs, I’ve never seen anyone who doesn’t like Barr. Deborah. The strange thing here is that 99.9% of these people haven’t met her in person, yet, there’s something that pulls them to her and feel the anointing of God upon her life as she ministers or speaks during her live facebook feeds.
Friends, if we must take over the next generation from our youthful age, then we must learn to hide and generate spiritual capacity. Wether you like it or not, Barr. Deborah Enenche ranks amongst the young ancients. Friends, if someone like her who was born into priesthood still press to know the mind of God concerning her life and destiny, then we also must follow suit and ensure we chase God with passion.
Dear sister, if truly you appreciate what God is doing through her and follow her from your heart, then you’ll realize that some of those circular songs you have will lose thier place in your device. It will show in your dressing words and conduct. That appetite for material things and immorality will die naturally, not because she’s God but because you can’t be connected to a transformer and be having low current. NEVER!!!
In conclusion, as you admire everything about God’s handmaiden, Barr. Deborah Enenche, please always have it at the back of your mind that she has an alter where she meets God. Young lady, if you must command your generation and take over just the way God is doing through her, then you must learn to seek God and have a personal alter with him.
If you see her singing anywhere and the power of God was mighty, please don’t say it’s luck or her voice, no, there’s something about God that she touched in the closet and is now gaining expression in the open. May the Lord help us to continually chase after him in the days of our youth and May he empower us to become all that he has destined for us to be according to His will.
But remember, YOU CAN’T FOLLOW BARR. DEBORAH ENENCHE AND NOT HAVE AN ALTER OF PRAYER WITH GOD and if you follow and you don’t have an alter of prayer with God, then it means you weren’t following at all. May the good Lord help us in Jesus name. Amen! Remain Rapturable!
© Achonu Love


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