Awoleya by Mercy CholynxAwoleya by Mercy Cholynx


Mercy Onah Ocholongwa popular known as Mercy Cholynx She is a graduate of English Language, from Benue State University, Makurdi. She is from the family of Mr. David Onah, from Ugboju, Otukpo Local Government of Benue State. She resides in Makurdi.

The superstar is a Worship/Praise Leader, conference speaker, voice instructor, presenter, music and art training consultant, musical concert clinician, and a Song writer.

Aside music, she loves baking and making delicious meals. By God’s grace and mercy, I am the CEO of Cholynx Cakes and Pastries.

She also teaches English Language and Literature in a secondary school.

She do a little of fashion design and graphics design. I read Christian and motivational books too. I fellowship with the prestigious Christian Pentecostal Mission, North Bank, along Terguma Street, Makurdi.


As a growing young girl in primary school, once She return from school and the compound is quite empty, She stand at the back door facing an audience in my imagination, and she will begin to lead them in different songs.

Sometimes she will get shy away by the sounds of footsteps approaching the compound, other times she get caught and she would just freeze at the spot. She had no idea what it meant to be passionate about something or being gifted in something. Mercy Cholynx just loved what I was doing. I realized that when people listen to me from around or afar, they give good compliments but she never saw it as a pointer. She is Single and not yet Married.

According to her “I remember way back in secondary school at Daystar International Academy, Makurdi, my classmates and I would sing and compose songs during our free periods. We joined Fellowship of Christian Students and presented some Christian songs, and most of those songs were self composed.

Alongside singing in school, my peers and I in church started an Acapella singing group called Vibrant Voices, and we ministered in church services and vigils at Greater Glory Assembly too.

A fellowship was later introduced called Teen Things; I joined the Teen Things choir alongside Minister Eugene, Minister Anita Bawa, Ruth Sam-Ede, Sarah Bawa, Lawal Sunday, Chris Danladi and many others. In the midst of all these rehearsals, I realized I had a stronger passion for music.

As time progressed I joined African Praise Mass Choir in 2015, and sang solo of Gini by Tim Godfrey and Extreme Crew. I have not left African Praise till date. It was in my second year with African Praise Choir and Family that I met ProSkils, a music Producer (the Husband of Vicky Adole Rotimi). I started going to do backup at his studio from that time till they relocated from Makurdi. At that time I was privileged to work with some music ministers”.


Friends and family felt it was time to work harder and gain exposure by registering for Judah Songs, Sing Aloud Audition by Austin Ikpe and team. She went for Judah Songs audition and came out as the 2nd runner up (3rd). She summoned courage to continue and she was registered for Gospel Heroes Audition and came 3rd. I later went for Hon Bem N. Auditions at Harvest Hour in 2017 and came out as winner.


Rising star concert in October, 2016, among other invitations to minister in songs. she was also a part of Songs of Praise Mass Choir in 2017 or there about.


My vision is to preach through spirit filled and skillful songs, reflecting Christ and reconnecting the heart of men to their Maker. In lieu of the aforementioned, I hope to birth a music school in a few years to come.


“Awoleya” a song of total reliance on God as our Father. This was released in February this year 2022.

“Just tell God” a song that poses men to build intimate relationship with God. God is always ready to listen to us if we can open up our mouth and just tell God.

Some trust in their war chariots and others in their horses, but we trust in the power of the Lord our God. Psalm 20:7 GNT
“Awoleya” simply means “It belongs to You”
A song of trust, surrender and total reliance on God.
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Mercy Cholynx Biography: Age, Net Worth, Husband, Songs, Albums, Website, Wikipedia, Family and more.


Download, enjoy and please share with family and friends. God bless you 

Finally, “Baby Jesus” a Christmas song that encourages men to present their hearts to God as a gift.

“Mighty God” a salient song of worship and praise to God.

“Follow” a song that gears men to pledge to follow God all the days of their life, no turning back.

And many other songs written and composed, yet to be released.


  1. Be a friend of God.
  2. Beyond passion, see music as a calling.
  3. Have the right association; surround yourself with people that believe in you and your gift.
  4. Have mentors and role models in music (I recommend at least 5 each).
  5. Ask questions and be ready to learn always. Never assume knowledge.
  6. As much as you pray, learn about music too (theory and instruments).
  7. Be yourself. Music is broad, so don’t go for the trending genre; go for what brings out your originality.

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