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Bernard Joseph Idoko aka (Kingdom Light) releases songs of revival which has make an album titled “ABUNDANCE OF HIS REIGN“, it’s a Song And a Cry for Revival. Our generation need a genuine encounter with Jesus and God here to us by his Mercy. 

Ben is a Song Writer, an Energetic Crusader of Jesus Christ, a Worship and Praise Leader and a Lover of Gods work who is committed to the kingdom assignment of Revival in this end time.  

Download & be blessed

  1. REIGN 


















This is accordingly to the artist as quote”

My name is Bernard Joseph Idoko. I was born on the 3rd March, into the family of Mr. and Mrs Pius Idoko from Ipole AIDOGODO OKPOGA in OKPOKWU LOCAL GOVERNMENT OF BENUE STATE NIGERIA.

I and my siblings were born in Zaria Kaduna state were our dad was serving as an ARMY officer who also fourth the Biafra war.

I was still small though my dad was still down as a result of some difficulty he went through from the war he brother uncle LUKE IDOKO who’s also a soldier as well had to make arrangements and move us back home to BENUE STATE.

before then I have been following my brothers to the church always wants to sit in-front chair we came back to BENUE STATE with one big RADIO like this all the television and programs I use to enjoy all disappeared as a result of the evacuation.

I was not  happy all one cause my dad is down secondly all the things I was enjoying in town is no longer available to me but gradually I started adjusting my self to the village weather and situations.

from there I started following other radio stations available from ENUGU. EBONYI and other neighboring states.

I started following my friends to community events and ovations sometimes I follow them and return the following morning face punishment then one beautiful my cousin brother came from LAGOS STATE and he was really looking awesome my dad now sent 2 us to go and get some yams from the farm.

I now open up to him and said uncle? he said yes.
I now said you really looking good can you take me along with you to were you are staying?
and I said yes if l stay hear in this village I can’t get what I need besides dady is already down and I don’t want to bother him again.

He agreed and we traveled to LAGOS STATE we were staying in YANAWORO I started following his town service bus as a conductor from there I started having friends and later left my brother’s house and stay with my friend in OBALENDE after sometimes I became a driver with my friend.

When we reached Lagos I remember my dad’s radio again looking at the entire environment in my instinct feeling something really great about music so followed
it. I went to so many shows and events especially music events at TAFAWA BALEWA SQUARE in Siemess there in Polo club at Falomo and so on.

l I lost my elder sister I came home and one of my uncle now approached me after the burial and ask me if I would like to work here in BENUE STATE and thought about it and because is a government work and now said yes sir.

I got my first leaving certificate at home before I left for LAGOS STATE.

I also thought about my education I know something must be done.
I got myself enrolled from square one of of LEVEL again.
I registered with the secondary school in Makurdi progress continue secondary School high level Makurdi.

I later wrote my final year exams at SALEEM ACADEMY secondary school Makurdi.


Am now looking forward to the continuation of my higher education. I came strictly into gospel music bass on the fact that I love am already singing from my childhood and I hated from time of people talking about other God and I told them we have only one God that’s the God l want to serve for rest of my life am married with now with four 4 kids 3 boys one girl and to glory of God we are going well.

I am a full worshiper of God Gospel music is the real good for soul and Jesus is the only way truth and life.
l would need you all to support me in whichever way you can especially the area of promotion.

Thanks and God bless.


For Support, Partnership and Sponsorship Contact Kingdom Light on ” +234 703 583 3753 “.

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