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Makurdi Pre-Song CAMP Meeting with Owie Abutu

Published by: JOE PIANO

As a Gospel Music Minister;

1. What is Success in Ministry ?

2. What is your motive in Ministry?

Owie Abutu Pre Song Camp Makurdi


The Music Ministry must be seen first in the influence of revival anywhere in the world. As a musician in the church note that you are sharing portion with the immortal.
That you are a musician does not exempt you from the principles of God.
Songs both in the secular and gospel has power of influence on the people.
Anything you are doing without power is a waste of time.
You can be gifted and not called what you are is not child’s play as a Musician you are sharing with the IMMORTAL, being a Musician does not exempt you from the discipline of God. Note that Music is powerful tool both in the church and in the Secular World.
When you want to operate in a dimension …then Pray your way in it. If you want to operate in power you should pray and fast like your pastors respect of hierarchy is key be conscious of divine presence anything you do.
without power Is a waste of time what you are carrying don’t trivialize it platform does not form people it is the secret place that does it don’t look for popularity if you are not prepared it will kill you the pastor is not your rewarded but God does it.
Dunsin Oyeka spent 180 million on a program. If it where you can you spend so much money for the work of God?  Interact with your maker.
Mathew 28:15-20

The mandate of a minstrels is to;

– Teach the Gospel through Music anytime you understand your Mandate your Mantle follows you, A Mandate is a policy of operation.
First Mandate of a Minstrel is that you are originally an evangelist, you are called into evangelism, you are to use your song, voice, gist, talent to do evangelism for the kingdom of God.
Second Mandate; Mark 16:15 A Minstrel is a Witnesses.
Luke 24:46
Luke 10:2
You are a Laborer Music is a tool to achieve Divine purpose
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Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCdoZzB2-IZ_vPwHcMMIqVXQ


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