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Songs-Biography-Taros Madamori:

TAROS MADAMORI is an Abuja Based Gospel Artist, A passionate Lover of God, and an anointed Minstrel. She hails from Kogi state(Kabba). 
Taros Madamori is an amazing worshipper who has been a blessing to the body of Christ. Her power-packed song “Yours Sincerely” serves as 
a follow-up to her chart-topping song “Just For You,” a powerful ballad that is still blessing the lives of every listener around the world. Songs-Biography-Taros Madamori

1. YOURS SINCERELY: Taros Madamori

Songs & Biography of Taros Madamori on

It’s a song that talks about total dependence on Jesus and having known that you’re his without turning back(Sincerely), You have given yourself to be at his service to carry out his assignment. Songs-Biography-Taros Madamori

YOURS SINCERELY is produced by …. E’Keyz

Below is a throwback to the electrifying worship song “Yours Sincerely” by Nigerian dynamic songstress, exquisite songwriter, and worshipper “Madamori Ruth Oluwatoyosi” popularly known as “Taros Madamori”.

The song “Yours Sincerely” was produced by the amazing “E’Keyz”. Stream, download, enjoy and share below!


2. Till I See You


Songs & Biography of Taros Madamori on

The satisfaction Jesus gives is hunger, That is why we can’t help but want More of Him. #TillISeeYou #KeepMeHungry #TheGroom‘sBride

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3. Darling Jesus – Taros Madamori (feat. Neken Chuwang)

Darling Jesus is a song that reveals how the love of God has captured the affairs of men and caused them to see his marvelous Light of Salvation. Songs-Biography-Taros Madamori

Darling Jesus (feat. Neken Chuwang) · Taros Madamori · Neken Chuwang Darling Jesus (feat. Neken Chuwang) ℗ 2021 Taros Madamori Released on: 2021-02-14

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4. DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Mary T Melody Featuring Taros Madamori “Jesus Is Risen”

Mary T Melody, a sensational African singer, has released her song, Jesus Is Risen, featuring Taros Madamori. Click here to download.  Songs-Biography-Taros Madamori

Mary T Melody releases a brand new song that is fit for the easter season titled JESUS IS RISEN featuring  Taros Madamori.Resurrection reminds us, that no matter what we face today, what we’ve been through, or what uncertainties tomorrow may hold, Christ is risen and is our Hope. He conquered death, He makes all things new.

He has risen! He has risen indeed! (Romans 6:9) 

Stream and download the song below…


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Herein below is few information gotten from her interview with STARS CORNER OPEN INTERVIEW:

Taros Madamori is a gospel artist from Nigeria who looks forward to becoming an international brand with impactful songs that will cut across the globe while inspiring and affecting lives positively. Songs-Biography-Taros Madamori.

In case you are just hearing the name Taros Madamori for the first or you are curious to know more about the Stunning crooner.

Well, Taros Madamori is an Abuja-based talented singer. She has the mandate of drawing people to God through her soul-lifting songs.

Now get your POPCORN and let’s dive into it.

1. Congratulations on your third song, DARLING JESUS. Indeed His love captured the affairs of men and caused them to see his marvelous Light of Salvation.

Taros Madamori- Smiles! Thank you so much, Amen.

2. Sincerely, I expected amazing sounds from you because I have listened to some of your songs. When you shared the link to the song. After downloading and listening, it’s now one of my best songs.

Taros Madamori- Wow! That’s humbling me and all thanks to God who inspires.


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3. So, I want to ask, What’s your background?  Tell us about your growing up years. Where were you born?

Taros Madamori- Oh! Okay(Giggles) Well erm! I’m from a Family of 5, Like 5 Solid girls, Lolzzz and I am the second to the Last born. Sincerely, Growing up wasn’t easy at all, because my dad died when I was 6(2001) and left us under the care of my Selfless and compassionate mum who refused to get married again because she Didn’t want to see us suffer in the hands of a step Dad. But we can only Rejoice in the Lord our strength who has by his Mercy kept us all together in good health even in the face of many turbulence, to him be Glory forever, amen!

I was given birth in General Hospital Kubwa_Abuja.

4. Tell us about your schooling, which schools did you attend, and what courses?

Taros Madamori- School, School, School! Okies! Erm, I did My Nursery(Tabitha Nursery and Primary school),
Primary(Model Primary School),
Junior Secondary(JSS Kubwa III)and
Senior Secondary(GSS Kubwa aka Black and White)all In Kubwa.

I finished my Senior Secondary School in 2012 but didn’t get admission until 2017. I’m currently running my decree program, here at Nasarawa State University Keffi, I’m in my Final year, studying the English Language. Strike still dey Hold us, Sha.

5. Tell us about your musical career. How did it start?

Taros Madamori- Music for me began with my Family, I grew up singing Yoruba songs passionately and Soulfully with them and that’s what the neighbors knew The MADAMORIS for at the time.

I didn’t imagine that I will become an Artist. Yes, I had loved to sing as a child and Desired to be like Minister Tope Alabi who I Listened to during my childhood/Teenage days, but then, I was so timid, that I don’t get to Engage in any outdoor singing except with my Sisters and mum in the House.

But The Journey to where I am now by Grace, began in 2015 when I joined a Fellowship called FECA(Federation Of Colleges Ex-Students Christan Association) back. I was made the Choir Coordinator and I was sold out into serving as passionate as I could, it was here that people started taking notice of me whenever my choir go for ministrations, and this was the same year I had my first travel for a program Hosted by Nives in Igbenedion University Okada. After then, it has been from Glory to Glory riding upon the wings of the Spirit.


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6. Who are your biggest influences?

Taros Madamori- Musically, I would say that Minister Tope Alabi is, cos she inspired me greatly as a child and that has a lasting influence on me up until now.

7. What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?

Taros Madamori- The Death of My Dad, cos I was his favorite and he showed it to everyone in the house that I was. Even before He died, on his sick bed while I was to go get something for my mum, He called me to himself and said to me “RUTH! I am going” and then He hugged me so tightly and cried, but I never understood the statement until his departure.

8. How did you discover your musical talent?

Taros Madamori- It’s Natural for me, I just found myself singing as a young girl, and it happens that I’m still singing

9. What year did you release your first single Yours Sincerely?

Taros Madamori- In 2019, it’s not my debut, “Just For You” is, but the storyline is complicated.

10. How Long have you been singing?

Taros Madamori- Mehn! That’s like forever Lolzz oo. but officially I have been singing for 7 years now.

11. What style of music do you sing?

Taros Madamori- I can do any Genre of music so long I’m inspired to write in line with it.

12. What inspired you to write DARLING JESUS?

Taros Madamori- I am unapologetically in Love with Jesus, and Whenever I receive my songs cos I hardly write them, it is inspired by how I feel for Him.

Now for Darling JESUS, I got the chorus in my Dream, Like I heard myself Singing it in the Dream, so I quickly jumped up and took my phone and recorded it. And By morning the Lyrics of the verse were just rolling down my heart and I began to write them.

13. What work do you most enjoy doing?

Taros Madamori- My Cooking For the Pleasure of My Customers

14. Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

Taros Madamori- I’ve Experienced a lot of hurts and it has shaped me to become a better person, rather than a bitter person.

15. What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music ministry?

Taros Madamori- Focus on My Food Business and Advance in My Knowledge of Fashion Designing

16. What informs your kind of songs?

Taros Madamori- Love Does

17. How do you get inspiration?

Taros Madamori- There’s No Special way, It Comes Gracefully.

18. What do you do apart from your music ministry?

Taros Madamori- I run Backup Jobs at the studio and then do some home service cookings once in a while.

19. Are there any top musicians you would love to collaborate with in the future?

Taros Madamori- Most Definitely! In the Likes of

Minister Kaestrings
Minister Daniels
Minister Tope Alabi
Minister Moses Bliss
Minister Victoria Orenzi
Minister Theophilus Sunday etc

Just to mention but a few.

20. What wouldn’t you do without?

Taros Madamori- Asides God bah, Omo I can’t do without music too, it’s my Love Language with the Lord.

21. What project are you working on currently?

Taros Madamori- Yea! It is called “The Pledge” and it is Centered around allegiance to the Lord and what we share.

22. If you could open a gospel concert for any artist, who would it be?

Taros Madamori- Minister Yadah

23. If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

Taros Madamori- I think that should be maintaining originality. So many Persons are not original, they want to Sound and pattern their music in accordance to someone else, and the beauty of music and Influence is first gained through this tool.

24. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Taros Madamori- That I should Believe in myself always.

And it worked for you?

Taros Madamori- Yes, the result is seen positively in those things happening in my life already.

25. What is your favorite Gospel song?

Taros Madamori- I do not have one in particular cos my Love for Songs happens all of a sudden and I don’t pin it to be my favorite cos I listen to songs according to Lyrics and not sounds. So all songs are my Favorite

26. Which famous musicians do you admire?

Taros Madamori- I’m tempted to say all of them because they truly inspire, but let me just mention these few that have blessed me in no small way recently.

Mama Victoria Orenzi
Ma’am Ty Bello
Mercy Chinwo
Theophilus Sunday
Nathaniel Bassey
Dunsin Oyekan, amongst many

27. Where do you see the Taros Madamori brand in the next five years?

Taros Madamori- By the Breath and Strength of the Almighty, My Brand should be one of the most sorts after because of its undeniable impacts

28. What’s next for you and what should the fans expect?

Taros Madamori- I should be working on the release of one of My songs Video Soonest, I’ll watch out(Giggles).


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29. What advice do you have for the UPRISING MINISTERS?

Taros Madamori- No matter the Pressure, Do not Lose yourself. And there’s more on the inside than you can see, so you have to keep Fellow-shipping with the Holy Spirit to stir up the treasures within.

30. One word for your fans?

Taros Madamori- Yes, Sure!

First, you have to understand that Every Great Height comes with its challenges but you have to Believe in yourself against all odds and focus on rising above the storms. until you overcome, you cannot tell the victory story.

Secondly, Arms of Flesh will fail you at all times, Let your trust be continually fixed on God.

31. How can someone watching you get in contact with you for sponsorship or anything else?

Taros Madamori- I am very accessible and active on my Social media so I’m reachable there.

32. Tell us the names of all your social media IDs?

Taros Madamori- I’m just on a few platforms
IG- official_taros.

Fb Page:






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