mysteries of the ancient

Did You Know Her?

She’s Min. Queen Jonah, a Gospel Music Minister base in Makurdi, Benue State Nigeria.

The truth is God does not call a man and leave his family behind except you do not have a revelation of the God you answered his call.

Minister Queen Jonah is a huge Inspiration to the whole Christian family and beyond. From being a Major influence and worthy point of reference in the body of Christ both in Africa and beyond.

A worshipper and Preacher of the Word of Truth. A fiery young lady, Song Writer, Director an unapologetic crusader of Jesus Christ.

Queen Jonah is a proof that man’s beauty is meant to be used in the service of the Lord.

We celebrate God for this family and for what He His doing in the life of Queen Jonah.

She has written many songs which are yet to be officially released one of which is “Mysteries of the Ancient” by Queen Jonah which you can download its clips below;

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 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Mysteries of the Ancient” by Queen Jonah on


You can follow her on her social media handle for soul edifying worship video, messages and audio content that could help the daily spirit living.  

Facebook Page:

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She wrote on her timeline and I quote:

“Before he formed me in the womb he knew me, and approved me as his chosen instrument… And before I was born he consecrated me to himself as his own. He has appointed me as a MINSTREL to the Nations”.

What happens when you feel empty all the time?


“It’s not unusual for someone to lose touch with themselves once in a while. A lack of insight into yourself may lead to that lingering emptiness feeling.

Some people call this “living without a purpose.” It means that you might not have clarity on the type of person you are or the one you want to become.

Not having specific goals or dreams to achieve can also lead you to feel empty.

Losing touch with yourself can come from many circumstances. For example, a consuming relationship or a demanding job”.



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