APC SUDDENLY ANNOUNCES SENATE PRESIDENT AHMAD LAWAN as their consensus candidate for the upcoming election. This things God had shown me, He had shown me their plan even before they put it in motion and i prophesied about the number 3 man (senate president) being chosen to be number 1. Peter Obi will win the heart of the people but there is serious manipulation as regards the seat. God promised to put a Cyrus in power next year so let’s keep watching.

If the church wants a president let it pray! Let it pray! Don’t come to social media and say I stand for this person or that person! There is manipulations in higher places..the cloud is thick and changing. The plan is to make the senate president the next president. That was what I saw some weeks back, and not today we are hearing rumours about the senate president. God is the one who can give us a good king, all we need to is to sincerely pray as one. The tables can still turn in the spirit and I will come out and say it when it does. For now nothing is certain! Let’s pray for God to send Cyrus as he promised.

Reaction from one of the Followers on Facebook Said “God should consider His reminants, Pharos shouldn’t continue to rule over us, negotiate with God for He is our father. I heard the name of another pharaoh but haven’t pronounced it because I’m still interceding for a change”.

C.C: “Apostle Joel Ogebe”.


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