Advise to Young Ministers

Advise to Young Ministers:

I’ll share a story about my early days in Ministry.

I have been a good teacher for long. In 1994, I was already teaching, people fall under anointing in my meetings. But I was hidden.

I have grown in the teaching anointing to some level now, I’m beginning to mature in it. People said that I overstayed in the wilderness.

It is better to stay longer and allow God move you than to take off like a tornado, not mastering how to handle the opposite sex,

how to handle money, how to handle fame, or how to coordinate yourself in front of a president and bring prophetic word to him,

you don’t know when to go or not. Stay low and make your mistakes. Advise to Young Ministers

It is God that will announce you at the appointed time. Minister Theophilus Sunday noticed the ministrel grace in his life in the year 2006.

And some of you just heard of him like 2 years ago. He has been ministering to God for 16 years now.

Anointing is grown through process, through obedience, through alignment. It takes great effort to align to the government of God.

One day, I preached a message not as anointed as I used to, and somone heard it. He gave from his treasures.

I did not go to beg him so my dignity was intact. God touched another person and so on. When God wants to announce you,

you won’t know the means he’s coming with. BE FAITHFUL. Advise to Young Ministers

People waited for me to fail, to fall but none of it happened. A new season was opened because I was faithful to Jesus.

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I want to encourage someone out there:

Advise to Young Ministers Don’t transpose

Advise to Young Ministers Don’t equate numerical strength of the church tomoney.

Advise to Young Ministers Stand to your mission, know what you are called to do.

Understand that you won’t live here forever. It’s what you do in TIME that will echo in ETERNITY.

??Be a faithful steward.


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